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Last updated: 20.05.2020
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Trading on the financial markets is demanding, but can be a successful venture. You need an online broker account to trade stocks, CFDs, currencies, or commodities. These differ not only in fees and conditions, but also in the software they offer.

In addition, you also require a suitable trading strategy for the respective asset, plus your individual approach. In this guide, we will discuss the advantages of a free account and explain in detail what you need to look out for in a broker demo. We also distinguish between the various asset classes as well as what else you should pay attention to in the different strategies.

Sign up for a free nextmarkets demo account. This demo account is suitable for beginners who want to learn how to trade as well as for advanced traders who wish to develop new strategies and try them out at low risk.

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The uses of the broker demo account

If you want to become active in trading, you have probably already considered various assets and approaches. For example, some traders may prefer traditional equity trading, while others may prefer leveraged CFDs or foreign exchange.

There’s no question about it: there are other relevant points for each asset class that you should try with an online broker demo account. When deciding on your preferences for online broker payment methods, you should consider the offer in detail. Online brokers often only display the respective payment methods once you have created an account. It may take a fair amount of research to find an online broker with Paypal.

The respective trading software must also meet specific requirements. Not only does the web interface need to be tried out, but also the other applications on offer. Furthermore, take a look at the additional services.

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What do I need to know about a CFD demo account?

CFDs are an increasingly popular financial product (learn more in our guide What are CFDs?). These derivatives are based on underlying assets. This can be a share price, an index, a foreign currency, a cryptocurrency, or a commodity. These derivatives are also traded via an online broker. Serious providers offer a test version. You can also find this on nextmarkets, where we offer a non-binding experience.

Furthermore, you can try out trading in demo broker mode. While trading CFDs you should pay attention to how the so-called spread works. This describes the difference between quoted buy and sell prices and is used by online providers to make profits. Therefore, in your CFD demo account, look at the impact this spread has on your strategy.

You should also look at the levers and complete some example trades if you are not yet familiar with leveraged products.

Forex Demo Account with nextmarkets - An insight into the Forex market

Foreign exchange trading is booming. Since companies and private individuals exchange currencies regularly, there is always movement on the forex markets. In practice, the forex market is active 24 hours a day and is considered to be the most valuable market. It also offers a lot of potential for would-be traders. Due to the size of the market, there are many promising Forex trading strategies, especially when technical analysis.

A free nextmarkets Forex demo account is a good idea to try forex exchange trading out. But what else should you look out for in a Forex demo account? Spreads are of great interest, too. Spreads make up a large part, especially if you want to trade at short notice and are satisfied with a few pips of profit. Furthermore, the leverage is important as well, as it reduces your capital requirements.

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Why open a share & stock demo account with nextmarkets?

Stock and share trading are more popular than ever before. In order to understand the stock and share market, you should try all the possibilities of nextmarkets with a free stock demo account. Pay particular attention to the portfolio of available stocks to ensure that you have all the stocks and shares you are interested in.

Furthermore, you should also check the terms and conditions. Also, make sure that the online broker’s software supports your trading decisions. There is a nextmarkets mobile application with which you can get a complete overview of your stock portfolio.

Trading demo account: What to consider?

The primary goal of trading is to increase your invested capital with as little risk as possible. Regardless of which asset class you choose to trade, you need an online broker to place your trades and sometimes act as a market maker.

In addition, the online broker also offers a demo account with which you can test your trading strategies at prices that are reasonable. When using a trading demo account, make sure that the conditions are right for you, so that you can simulate your real trades risk-free.

Once you have found your online broker, you can easily open a regular broker account. Don’t forget to read the broker’s Terms and Conditions.

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Demo accounts sound interesting, but when it comes to the trading, you need a strong partner. nextmarkets actively supports you in your trading on the financial markets. What you can expect:

  • Over 1,000 CFDs with assets such as stocks, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Opening an account is possible from as little as EUR 500.
  • Favourable spreads reduce your trading costs so that you can benefit to the maximum from your trading strategy.
Day trading for beginners

Why a day trading demo account is required

Day trading is one of the most challenging disciplines for traders. This is due to the fact that the trader wants to profit from small price changes that are realized within a very short time. Leverages are used to ensure that even the smallest changes in prices yield a decent profit at the end of the day. In any case, you should try them out fully in the day trading demo account in order to fully understand the mechanics.

Also, the leverage size is of interest. We at, for example, offer you leverage of 30:1. Since the trader needs to pay a lot of attention, he should be familiar with the software. This understanding is also best achieved via an online broker demo account.

You can use the nextmarkets demo version mainly to find out how your orders will be placed in the market by the online provider. For scalpers, in particular, this is a decisive factor that should not be underestimated.

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Following trends with the social trading demo account

For a time, social trading was considered a buzzword. And not without reason, of course, because the idea of swarm intelligence now plays an important role in many areas of our lives. Then why not trading as well? Here you can (automatically) follow the trades of certain community members or presented professionals and also profit from their results. To follow means to trade with your own capital.

With a social trading demo account, you can get an overview of these features and the somewhat different software. You can then use your demo account primarily to find out how often the respective persons really hit it in the nose. This will quickly give you an efficient portfolio of people whose trades you can benefit from.

In the demo broker mode, you can also take a closer look at the trading signals presented by the provider.

Considering various software applications and other factors

After considering our explanations on various strategies while using the demo accounts, traders will have better insight into the individual application areas and asset classes. We will also take a closer look at the various software applications and other factors. The free accounts offer you the possibility of risk-free simulation of your trading.

You should also seize this opportunity regularly. It makes sense to start with a demo account before opening a real money account in order to get more information about the features of the online broker. Above all, online broker payment methods and software are aspects that brokers do not mention much about on their websites.

As the software is essential for your success, you should test it extensively in advance. Only if you fully understand them and can use them optimally will you have a realistic chance of beating the market. Strategy simulation should never be neglected either.

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Testing various broker software applications

Online brokers are the link between you and the financial markets. Online brokers offer you various software services and web-based software, that is often self developed, yet conform to industry standards like the Metatrader.

Regardless of which applications your online broker offers you, you should put the online broker software through its paces. Practice example trades, close them and try out all options the chart technical analysis provides.

Make sure that your operating system works with the trading platform on offer and that your internet connection is sufficiently fast. If you trade, your browser and its compatibility must be checked as there is nothing is more annoying than losing a few pips, because the respective online browser does not harmonize 100% with the web interface. The nextmarkets demo version is therefore, useful to complete your trading setup.

Mobile online broker demo account

Mobile usage has overtaken that of a desktop. More and more people are using their smartphones to access the Internet while on the move. While that may sound like boring statistics, it is changing trading immensely. Nowadays, more and more private investors expect their online brokers to be able to allow all trading via mobile.

Online brokers either offer a mobile-optimized web interface or have developed their own mobile app. These are, of course, to be preferred due to the native support of the respective mobile devices. When using the online broker app in demo mode, it is also important to make sure that the app works perfectly on the smartphone.

This also includes synchronization with the database on the Internet. Ensure that it works and that you also have a full overview of your trades on the move. Try out all functions in the demo mode to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Strategies and additional factors for the broker demo

Ultimately, your profits are only achieved through the quality of your trading strategies. The more sophisticated these strategies are, the more likely you are to make long-term profits. It should be clear to everyone that this is not easy. In addition to the actual idea for a strategy, you also need the appropriate signals and the implementation with the chart technical analysis.

Formulated online broker strategies are like the sand on the beach, however, some traders prefer to think of their own approach. Either way, you will have to try out the initial strategy in peace. Here the online broker demo account offers you optimal preparation and the chance to simulate the strategy with real data. Does the basic online broker strategy fit? Are the signals clear enough? The nextmarkets demo account answers these questions.

Do not underestimate the optimized use of the demo account

Many traders think that after the first few successful trades you have already found the proverbial Philosopher’s Stone. In fact, it takes a lot of time to be sure that a trading strategy is successful. And what about the signals? Even trading approaches that have been successful for decades have shown that you can generate a return, but often false signals are generated. Those who actively deal with this matter will be able to reduce these mistakes and refine the existing strategy.

The nextmarkets demo account is your faithful companion, because you should thoroughly test every adjustment to your approach before your capital is used. So it is not uncommon for successful traders to spend time in demo accounts even after many years. If you don’t constantly work on your strategy here, you won’t be as successful as you could be.

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Did you know? specializes in CFDs and offers you a wide range of assets such as stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. As an innovative online broker, you benefit from an extensive demo account with many functions. You can open a full demo account regardless of your real money account.

Familiarize yourself with the software and the mobile app in peace and without risk.

Refine your trading strategy with our professional market experts and up to 200 trading signals per month.

What is included in a free trial demo account?

A free trial demo account is the perfect way to learn more about a particular service. It provides additional insight by learning organically about how the account works. You can gain knowledge and understanding on your own time, in your own way. At nextmarkets, our free trial account is designed to give you a real taste of what a full broker account offers. That’s why our demo account is set up to mimic a full account perfectly. Complete with risk-free ‘money’ to invest in a safe and secure environment.

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Where do I go for a broker demo account registration at nextmarkets?

If you’re ready to try out a demo version of the nextmarkets platform, then you demo trading account registration couldn’t be more straightforward. Just sign up through our website to discover what we can offer you. Our demo account is secure and risk-free, no need to provide us with extra details or information. The trial period for our demo account is indefinite, allowing you to get the best possible feel of what we offer.

Once you’ve decided that our service is the best pick for you, you can create a brokerage account for yourself through the same methods. Creating a brokerage account has never been easier.

Online Broker Demo Account - Our last recommendations

As you may have noticed, a demo account has a number of advantages that you should take advantage of. Even though online broker guides may not emphasize this point clearly enough, the continuous use of the demo account is anything but a beginner’s move, but necessary to survive in a highly competitive environment.

Don’t let false pride arise here, but always use all opportunities that the financial markets and your online broker offer you in a calculated way. We at also offer you an opportunity to get started without any obligation. A thorough preparation with a demo account saves you time and clearly also money since you have no more difficulties with a badly adjusted setup.

It will also reduce the chances of an unscrupulous online broker making your trading strategy obsolete by his commissions or conditions. When work is done above-board and efficiently, profits have the opportunity to increase.

Try the nextmarkets free demo account today

You have now learned everything about online broker demo accounts. Undoubtedly these tips are very useful and should be used by you to gain a deeper perspective of an online broker.

Trading demo accounts are perfect for developing, reviewing, and improving your strategy. nextmarkets also offers you a fully comprehensive demo account with which you can try out the wide range of services free of charge and without risk. What are you waiting for? Open your free demo account now and get started trading on nextmarkets!

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