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Last updated: 20.05.2020
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Choosing the right CFD demo account is your first step towards becoming a successful trader. It’s important to make the right choice regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader seeking a new way to trade stocks, commodities, shares and more.

With nextmarkets, you’ll gain access to an app which has been specifically designed to help you succeed with its simple design and seamless platform integration.

With tips, expert analysis, and professional insights, our bespoke application provides the right platform to make our traders successful.

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What is a CFD account?

If you’re wondering “what is a CFD account?”, you’ve landed on the right page. A CFD account is essentially a means to trade contracts for difference online. There are many different apps to choose from, and each comes equipped with different information, insights, analysis and guidance.

Whether you’re completely new to the world of CFD trading or you’re an experienced trader who would like the flexibility to invest online, it’s worth doing some research to find an app that suits your needs. The best CFD broker apps offer low margins, plenty of hints and tips on how to play the market and an intuitive interface to allow you to start trading straight away.

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CFD account UK to trade contracts for difference

A CFD app allows you to trade contracts for difference online. A contract for difference, or CFD, is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening and closing prices of a particular contract. CFDs can be traded on a hugely diverse range of instruments across the global market.

With a CFD account, you can speculate on the movement of several financial markets including commodities, shares, currencies, indices and bonds. Regardless of whether prices are plummeting or rising, you can still profit by investing wisely. If this sounds like something that interests you, it might be worthwhile doing some research to find out which CFD platform is right for you. Beginners are advised to choose a platform which offers guidance and advice.

How to open a CFD demo?

If you’ve never dipped your toe into the world of CFD trading before, or if you’re an experienced trader, who wants to try out a new way to trade, it’s a good idea to download some CFD software and register for a demo account. With a free demo account, you’ll be able to get a feel for how the market works without risking any capital.

When opening a CFD demo, it’s a good idea to examine what you expect from a service – particularly if you’re a beginner. The nextmarkets trading platform offers demo accounts with virtual currency to perfect your strategies without encountering any of the risks.

When choosing a platform, look for an account that offers:

  • Clear access to insights and tips
  • Practical design and a simple interface
  • Opportunities to learn from professional traders
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Why invest in CFD with nextmarkets?

CFDs are incredibly popular among investors for many reasons. Firstly, it’s a tax-efficient way to make a profit, since you won’t be required to pay UK stamp duty on any returns. CFD trading is also incredibly flexible when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds. Many platforms allow for CFD broker PayPal deposits, which allows you to do things your way.

It’s relatively simple to open a CFD account on nextmarkets. However, it’s worthwhile doing a bit of research instead of simply downloading the first app you find. A good way to gauge whether an app will offer what you need is to scour comparison sites and customer reviews to gain an insight into what each platform has to offer.

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If nextmarkets sounds like the right choice for you, simply download our demo today and find out how it could help you on the road to trading success. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Risk-free demo account
  • An easy to use interface
  • Access to the latest hints and tips

We’re the UK’s number one broker for a reason. Find out why today.

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Understanding how CFD works

If you’re new to the world of contracts for difference trading, you might well be asking the following questions:

If you’ve been looking for the answers to these questions and more, it’s advisable to open a CFD account with a platform that offers advice, tutorials and educational content. This way, you’ll learn about how the market works, and crucially, how you can enjoy a good return on investment. With a demo account, you should be able to get a feel for how your app of choice works.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with how to make trades and how to make predictions, you’ll then be in a position to invest and start playing the markets for real. With the right guidance, it’s not uncommon to expect returns of 20% or more on low-risk trades.

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Open CFD account UK with nextmarkets

If you’ve been contemplating entering the world of CFD trading and you’d like direct access to the market from smartphone or desktop, the good news is that it’s easy to open a CFD account. With an account, you can expect to make the most of the latest technology to trade from anywhere in the world. It’s the smart way to enjoy the freedom to trade.

It’s easy to download the nextmarkets app – but make sure you’re choosing a platform with the right security measures in place. Trusted apps are available from the app store without having to visit third-party websites. Beginners are advised to do some research, as a CFD account which provides you with hints, tips, CFD trading strategies and access to all the latest CFD news will help improve your performance.

Open a CFD account: What to consider?

While it can be tempting to open an account with the first CFD broker you find, it’s imperative that you choose an app that suits your requirements. For beginners and experienced traders alike, this means opting for a platform that offers trading tips, access to graphs, charts and professional insights.

Even those who have been playing the markets need to amend their strategies from time to time, which is why the advice on offer from the nextmarkets app is so invaluable. With video content, chat monologues from professional traders and all the latest charts, it’s the smart way to improve your performance.

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The risks of CFD in comparison to stock

All markets are susceptible to rapid movement in either direction – even at the most unexpected moments. Major earnings announcements, political upheaval and natural disasters are all it takes for the equities, commodities, bonds and FX markets to shift. Volatility in the market can actually present unique opportunities to generate profit, but it can also pose serious risks.

Experienced traders are aware of the importance of using the right tools to predict risk. This is an essential factor when it comes to understanding what strategy to employ. Apps designed to teach newcomers how to trade CFD make sense, as the user picks up trading ideas as they go along.

Interactive CFD demo

With an interactive demo account from nextmarkets, you’ll be able to practice trading on four thousand CFD instruments with a free €10,000 virtual currency. You’ll also enjoy access to insights from our specialist team of market analysts around the clock. With the nextmarkets mobile app, you’ll be able to practice on the move via your iPhone or Android device – and with access to powerful trading tools and innovative charts, you’ll soon begin to learn how the markets work.

In addition to this, you can expect to learn quickly and easily via video content. At nextmarkets, we understand that everybody learns differently, which is why we make it as easy as possible to navigate your way around the world of CFD trading. Why not open a CFD account on nextmarkets today and find out why we’re so popular?

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Capitalising on CFD

When opening a position on the CFD market, the user must define the quantities they want to trade with. The user’s profit increases accordingly with every movement point that goes in their favour. For example, if a user predicts that the price of their chosen market will improve, they should select the ‘Buy’ option. This means the user’s profits increase along with any increases in the price of the commodity or share.

If the price falls, however, the user will experience a loss for every point that goes against them. Predicting when prices are going to rise or fall is the nature of CFD trading, and with the right help and guidance you’ll soon learn the best time to make trades in order to capitalise on your investment.

CFD trading account with nextmarkets

For those who want to trade stocks, shares, and other instruments online, it makes sense to open a CFD trading account. This can be done on the nextmarkets platform that offers the ability to invest from the comfort of a desktop computer or on-the-go via a mobile app. Trading apps make a great alternative to making telephone calls or downloading clunky, complicated software.

Many of these apps have been designed to be incredibly user-friendly, and the best apps will even offer access to insider tips, professional analyses and curated trading strategies to help you succeed – regardless of where you are in the world.

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Did you know?

At nextmarkets, we care for our customers and the safety of their investments. We offer the following, and more:

  • Protection of funds of up to EUR 20,000 by the Malta Investor Protection Scheme
  • Flexible deposit / withdrawal options
  • Backing from big-name investors like FinLab and Peter Thiel

Download the app today or get in touch to find out how nextmarkets can help.

Free trial CFD demo account

If you’re entering the world of CFD trading or simply want to experience a new way to invest in the market, it makes sense to try out an app for free before depositing any funds. With a free CFD demo account, you can get to grips with all the features your chosen platform provides. Some platforms, such as nextmarkets, even offer free virtual funds of €10,000 to help you practice your strategies.

With these virtual funds, you can follow the trades of the professionals and use expert analysis to gain an understanding of how the market works before investing a single penny. When you’re confident that you’re ready to trade for real, simply switch your demo account for a real one.

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CFD trading account demo registration

Want to try out a trading platform that offers invaluable advice, insights, CFD signals and all the information you’ll need to make informed investment decisions? The good news is that it couldn’t be easier to sign up for nextmarkets. With free access to our knowledge base and news on all the current trading trends, it’s the smart way to get involved with CFD.

Registration is simple, and all you’ll need is an email address to access your demo account. When the time comes to start trading for real, it’s just as easy to upgrade your account. All you’ll need is a means to deposit, proof of address and form of photo ID.

Best online CFD trading demo account

When it comes to finding the best CFD platform for your trading needs, it makes sense to take some time to consider what you want to get out of a trading app. Different apps are suited to different requirements so it pays to do some research before downloading your app of choice. Don’t be afraid to check out customer reviews or top ten comparison sites.

For beginners and experienced traders alike, it’s important to choose an account that offers support, strategy advice, curated investment opportunities and all the instruments needed to accurately predict how the markets are going to perform.

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Choosing a CFD demo account: What to look for?

Choosing a CFD demo account can be complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. When you know what to look for, you should be able to whittle your choices down to a few select products. When browsing review sites, look out for apps that offer the following:

  • Help and advice from the professionals
  • Protection of your investments via the Malta Investor Protection Scheme
  • Hundreds of curated investment strategies every month
  • Heightened cyber security features

Getting started with nextmarkets

Did you know that there’s incredible potential to make money with CFD trading? If you’d like to get into investing in contracts for difference, the first step is to open a CFD demo account with nextmarkets.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive your login details which will allow you to access your platform of choice, where you’ll have access to a wealth of resources and tools to help guide you on your journey towards becoming a successful CFD trader.

Register with nextmarkets today

If you’re new to trading or if you’d like to try the latest investment platform in the UK, why not sign up for a nextmarkets CFD demo account today? With a free demonstration you can experience a risk-free opportunity to enter the world of CFD.

Simply download the nextmarkets app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you’d like to know more, simply get in touch.

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