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Last updated: 17.05.2021
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Open a nextmarkets day trading account with the latest broker, it will be the first step to making your day trading dreams a reality. Whether you are interested in trading forex on the foreign exchange market, stocks, futures or exchange-traded funds, nextmarkets has the ideal free day trading demo account to develop your skills.

Start demo day trading today and explore the latest insights from our expert traders, who are ready to help you master the art of CFD trading.

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What is a day trading demo account?

When you begin day trading the most common questions from beginners are; what is day trading and also what are stocks? In recent years day trading has become very popular, with fast results and improved technology. To make a profit a day trader takes advantage of small but frequent price movements, by following a variety of patterns, indicators and technical analysis. Even the most experienced traders need some direction, which explains the popularity of nextmarkets trading accounts.

From trading novices to experienced professionals, nextmarkets accounts are designed to provide traders with a modern and intuitive trading platform for a variety of stocks and shares. Alongside the latest technology traders will have access to strategies and advice from leading market coaches and a variety of bespoke investment ideas.

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Day trading practice account

The world of day trading for beginners can seem complex, but a nextmarkets day trading demo account will help you understand the intricacies. Whether you are just starting out or are simply looking to improve your skills, a free demo account is an excellent step to take.

A nextmarkets demo account will teach you how to intuitively trade over 1000 CFDs on stocks, currencies, bonds and commodities. While developing your skills with practice trades you will be assisted by our expert coaches, which will help you understand trading principles in real-time. As the latest trading platform, a nextmarkets demo account provides a range of benefits from multilingual customer support to tailored investment ideas designed for you.

How to open a day trading demo account

If you are searching for the best day trading software, take our demo account for a test drive. Opening a demo account with nextmarkets is completely free and there is no long-term commitment required. Simply complete the short form with your email address, chosen password and country of residence. The next step involves activating your account, which can be completed by clicking the link which you will receive in an email. This link is only valid for 24 hours, once this time passes your access will be deactivated to maintain our high levels of security.

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The benefits of a nextmarkets demo account

As soon as you open a nextmarkets demo account you will be given a virtual sum of €10,000, so you can test out your strategies and hone your skills for as long as you wish on our free CFD software. Once you start to trade you will begin to receive automatic analyses and trade advice from our team of experienced market analysts. Every month our analysts will send you up to 100 trading ideas, which you can follow with your demo account. In just a few days you will be on the path to smarter investing, with improved knowledge, faster decision-making abilities, and a better understanding of the market.

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Opening a demo account with nextmarkets will provide you with the knowledge and insight you require to be successful in day trading. We offer a variety of benefits:

  • Free demo account
  • No deposit required & unlimited access
  • Free trade notifications via desktop or mobile
  • Follow professional traders in real time

Market insights exactly when you need them

The world of day trading can change rapidly, so it is important to have access to market insights whenever you need them. To ensure you benefit from instant access to important insights your account will be accessible via the website or our day trading app, which is available for iPhone or Android.

As part of your free demo account, we will also send you free updates via email or push notifications, so that you have the information you need. Through our series of regular updates, professional market insights, and instant accessibility you will be able to quickly decide what trade to make and when.

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Online day trading demo account

When you open a nextmarkets online day trading demo account you will gain access to over 1000 trading options. Before diving into your first trade take some time to watch the real-time charts, it will give you a feel for how the platform and the markets work. Once you find your first opportunity try to decide when will be the best time to enter the trade and also when to leave, for both winning and losing trades.

You will then need to decide how much you are willing to risk and what position to take in terms of shares, lots, or contracts. Before making the leap, review the daily action of the asset and monitor its performance over time. This will help you decide whether your strategy has the potential to make a profit in the long term.

How to open a day trading demo account

The key to success in day trading is practice, so while you have a virtual balance of €10,000, take the opportunity to practice at nextmarkets as much as possible. With your demo account there is no risk to your own money, so use the time to develop and refine a range of day trading strategies.

As you begin to trade you will soon find that no two trades are ever the same, so it is difficult to predict what the outcome will be. There may be one day where the markets are very calm, but this can be easily followed by a period of extreme volatility. The key to understanding the markets is to spot the patterns, which is something that comes with practice.

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Perfect your day trading strategy

While completing your practice trades you should begin to develop your own strategy. Once you have decided on a strategy which suits your interests and goals, practice only this and work to perfect it. While working with a virtual balance you want to understand as many scenarios as possible so that when you make the switch to a live account you can trade with complete confidence. In many scenarios, it can take several months to perfect your day trading strategy. Only when you feel confident in your strategy should you consider opening a real account with nextmarkets to turn the virtual profits into real money.

Interactive day trading demo

Opening an interactive day trading demo account with nextmarkets will provide you with access to our round-the-clock interactive trading charts. When it comes to becoming a successful day trader, the key to turning your strategy into a profit is the ability to understand the markets. These charts can be used to help you understand the fundamental trends in the market, which will help you develop a confident strategy.

Our real-time interactive charts will make it simple for you to spot the best trades, from the most popular options to unique opportunities. By following the charts and using the interactive tools you will also begin to understand why it is important to avoid trades which are not part of your original strategy.

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Maximise your trading potential

Our aim is to help you maximise your trading potential, by offering real-time trading tips as well as in-depth guides created by our team of trading experts. We have designed a simple to use account management interface which makes it simple to monitor the performance of your trades in one place. The streamlined platform is designed to allow you to easily view your current and historical trades, alongside the trades of the professionals you follow.

We are proud to offer some of the most intricate charts and investment tools, which you will find very useful. Instead of wasting precious time scouring financial news channels and newspapers, we bring the expert market opinions directly to you. Maximise your potential with everything from candlestick charts to simplified bar charts, which will show you when is the best time to buy and sell.

Best day trading cash account

Unlike other brokers which charge high spreads and commissions, our goal is to work with you, so there are no commission charges, hidden account fees or deposit charges. Once you are ready to progress to a day trading cash account, you will benefit from our competitive spreads. This will provide you with the platform you require to make significant trades in the market.

Once you are ready to delve deeper into the trading world you can apply to join our list of professional traders. This will allow you to benefit from leverage up to 1:100, with significantly reduced margins. We believe that we offer the best day trading demo account. Unlike some brokers which charge as much as five pips, we offer low spreads of roughly one pip or less when you invest just £1,000.

Did you know

We believe in supporting you through your trading career, so as part of a demo account you also benefit from access to:

  • Professional market coaches
  • Free tips and market insights
  • Ability to copy professional traders

Free trial day trading practice account

As part of your free trial day trading demo account, you will gain access to reliable trading tips from some of the leading industry professionals. As a beginner in day trading, one of the most difficult aspects to overcome is the ability to understand when to make a trade. With the demo account, you can get to know our network of market coaches, which will give you the reassurance you need to make a sound investment.

Learn from the best and develop your strategy based on the trading patterns of our expert investor panel. In fact, you can even copy their trades. This is a brilliant way to get to know the market and when the best time is to buy and sell. By learning strategies from those with real-world experience, you will soon be able to spot your own market patterns in your cash account.

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Day trading demo registration

To complete the nextmarkets day trading demo registration all you need is a valid email address. Once the account is open there is no fixed term and it will remain available to you with no payment required. Upon registering you will then be asked to activate and confirm which account notifications you wish to receive.

When you decide to open a full nextmarkets account with real money, you can use the account opening function within your demo account. As part of this process, we will require proof of your identification in the form of a passport or identity card. You will also need to upload a document which proves your address, such as a utility bill or bank statement which is less than six months old.

Best online day trading demo account

As soon as you begin to practice your trading strategy in a demo account you will notice the support we provide to our traders. Through a curated trading approach, we introduce you to more than twelve professional market coaches, which specialise in a variety of day trading approaches. Not only can you watch, follow and copy the trades of professional coaches, you can also communicate directly with the professionals.

The coaches will create a chat monologue with traders which outlines exactly why they made a trade, the reasoning behind their decisions and how they have analysed the market. By providing this additional level of support, we believe traders have a better grasp of cause and effect principles.

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Day trading demo account

We know that everyone learns to trade in different ways, so alongside our coaches, written guides and interactive charts we have developed a series of free video tutorials. This quick and simple video content will teach you everything you need to know to start day trading, whatever stage you are at in your career. Whether you need help opening a trade or deciding when to exit based on fluctuating insights, our videos will guarantee you have the knowledge required.

Increase your profits with a real account

Once you understand the intricacies of day trading and are confident in investing your own money, it is probably time to upgrade to a full nextmarkets account. It is easy to upgrade, and we accept flexible deposit amounts. The amount you deposit initially is entirely up to how much you want to invest and the strategy you plan on using.

Begin your journey with nextmarkets today

Here at nextmarkets we believe that with a well-executed strategy, it is entirely possible to see good returns. We are proud to be the latest, most innovative trading platform, so provide our customers with a dedicated team of experienced trading coaches which nurture traders with bespoke investment opportunities and tips, combined with the latest technology.

To begin your journey into day trading open a demo account today. With no deposit required and absolutely zero financial risk it is an excellent chance to develop your skills. If you have any questions or would like assistance in setting up your account, please contact our team.

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