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Last updated: 14.10.2020
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The Forex market facilitates the trading of foreign currencies and gives traders the chance to make very high returns. Also known as the FX market, trades can speculate about how specific currencies, pairs of currencies and the market as a whole will perform in the short and long-term.

While trading on the FX market does require a certain amount of understanding and experience, it’s open to anyone and is suitable for all types of investors. Although the market can be daunting for the uninitiated and presents some risks, successful trades can boost your revenue.

Sign up for a nextmarkets Forex Demo Account and get access to real-time analyses and strategies from professional market experts. Learn how to buy, sell or exchange currency with a free nextmarkets demo account.

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What is a Forex account?

Designed to help you trade successfully, a Forex account enables you to buy, sell or exchange currencies. Using up-to-the-minute, real-time data, a Forex trading platform allows you to stay ahead of the game, so you can react to the market and predict where it’s going next. The FX market has the highest liquidity, which means it’s very easy for currencies to be bought and sold.

As a result, transaction costs are minimal compared to other markets, which leads to lower-cost investing and higher potential returns for traders. Finding out exactly what is a Forex account, asking what is Forex and how the market works if the first step to making successful investments. With helpful tips, Forex signals and insights, nextmarkets is the ideal choice for budding Forex traders.

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Choosing a Forex trading demo account UK

For UK traders and entrepreneurs, a nextmarkets Forex demo account is the obvious choice. Our intuitive, easy-to-use trading platform ensures you can trade quickly, which means you’ll never miss the chance to buy, sell or exchange currency at the best rate. We’re committed to helping new traders learns the ins and outs of successful Forex trading, so our Forex trading demo account UK will give you everything you need to get started.

Available via web app, Android and iOS, the nextmarkets Forex demo account can be used across various platforms and devices as a Forex trading app, so you’ll always be able to make your trades.

How to open a Forex demo account with nextmarkerts

Opening a Forex demo account with nextmarkets is an easy way to practise your trading skills and find out whether Forex trading is the right move for you. With the ability to place various types of trades, you’ll get an understanding of how quickly the market can change and what this means for your investments. Trading of any type can seem overwhelming at first, and you could lose money if you don’t take your time to learn the ropes.

The Forex market is the biggest market in the world, so it’s important you understand exactly how to trade before you get started. Don’t forget – Trading tips, Forex indicators, expert analysis, a Forex calendar and practical guidance can help you to make successful trades. Why wait? Open a Forex demo account with nextmarkets today and start trading on the latest Forex trading software instantly!

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How to trade in Forex

There are various different types of trades you can perform on the Forex market but selling one currency to buy another is one of the most popular ways to make a profit. Once you’ve selected a pair of currencies, such as GBP/USD or EUR/JPY, you buy or sell the pair, depending on how you think the market will change.

If GBP£1 = USD$1.20, for example, you would buy the pair if you think the value of GBP is going to rise in comparison to USD. Known as, ‘going long’, this trade would bring you a profit if the value of GBP does rise against USD. Alternatively, you may opt to sell the pair, also known as ‘going short’, if you think the value of GBP is going to fall in comparison to USD.

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nextmarkets offers great trading features, including:

  • Risk-free Forex and CFD demo account
  • No hidden fees
  • Up-to-the-minute market analysis
  • Guidance from experienced traders
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Make the most of curated investing

Curated investing can help you to make savvy investment decisions and it can certainly be beneficial when you’re starting out on the Forex market. Rather than making decisions to buy and sell currency on your own, curated investing means you’ll have access to help and guidance from existing traders and industry experts.

Why go it alone when there’s free expert help available? Learn from established trading coaches and successful traders to improve your own trading strategies. With endless currency pairs to choose from and a variety of other types of trades to make, there are plenty of ways to trade in Forex and you could profit from all of them.

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Creating an online Forex account UK with nextmarkets

Now that you can access the internet from almost anywhere in the world, you’re free to trade as much as you’d like. The nextmarkets trading platform mean you can log in from home, work or when you’re out and about, so you won’t have to worry about missing market news or responding to changes in exchange rates.

24 Hour Forex Availability – The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, so an online account is the best way to manage your trades. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, your online Forex account UK will ensure you can monitor the market, see how industry leaders are trading and buy and sell currency whenever you want to. With a Forex signals app and regular updates, you’ll even be able to see how other people are trading.

Opening a Forex account today: What to consider?

Many people think about trading Forex but the risk of getting in over your head can leave you having doubts. Of course, there is a lot to learn before you start putting your money on the line and that’s why a Forex trading demo account is a great way to start your trading career.

Opening a Forex demo account can have a lot of benefits, especially if you take advantage of the advice and guidance on offer. Trading in Forex may start as a part-time hobby but you could soon be making large profits if your trades pay off. Potentially one of the most profitable markets in the world, trading in Forex can bring bountiful rewards to amateur traders and hobbyists, as well as experienced, professional investors.

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Short and long-term Forex trades

Everybody trades differently and you can use your Forex trading demo account UK to create your own trading style. If you want to make significant returns over a short timeframe, you may want to explore the possibilities associated with spot transactions, which usually take place over just two days.

For longer-term investments, futures contracts might be the right option for you. These will enable you to contract over a period of approximately three months and mean you can benefit from changes in the market over this time period. With spot transactions, futures contracts, swaps, FX options and forwards, there are plenty of different ways to trade on the FX market and nextmarkets can help you with all of them.

Using an interactive nextmarkets Forex demo account

Watching how other traders use the market is a great way to learn more about Forex trading strategies but nothing equates to real-life practice. By opening a free nextmarkets Forex demo account, you have access to the best of both worlds. Our interactive Forex demo account allows you to make trades as if you were using the live platform, so you gain real-life experience of what it likes to trade on the markets.

As well as seeing how experienced traders buy, sell and exchange currency, you can try out your own strategies and find out what works for you. What’s more – you can do all of this without putting your capital at risk. Once you’ve perfected your trading style on the UK’s best Forex demo account, you’ll be ready to begin trading live and making returns on your investments.

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Increase your FX returns

Making a successful trade gives you profit but leveraging your trade and choosing to make tax-free trades can increase your FX returns considerably. nextmarkets offers a leverage rate of up to 1:30, rising to 1:100 for professional members, which is significantly higher than many other Forex brokers out there.

Leveraging your trade means you only need to pay a small proportion of the trade position upfront, so you can make large returns with minimal deposit. Of course, in unsuccessful leverage trades the balance still needs to be paid so it’s best to wait until you’re fully versed in the details of Forex trading before you decide to leverage your trades. Don’t forget – some trades offer tax-free returns in the UK, which can increase your profits by a considerable amount.

Choosing the best Forex trading account

When you’re choosing the best Forex broker, there’s lots to consider and you don’t want to caught out by costly deposit fees, hidden charges or sky-high commissions. Things to consider when choosing a Forex broker:

  • Do they charge a deposit fee?
  • Will you have to pay commission on your trades?
  • Can they offer trading advice and guidance?
  • Is it easy to deposit funds into your account?

By choosing a broker with low deposit fees and commissions, or better yet none at all, the cost of trading will be lowered significantly and you’ll get to keep more of what you make on the market. Similarly, selecting an online broker which offers expert guidance can help you to make less-risky trades.

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Did you know?

With the nextmarkets Forex demo account you can:

  • Trade on the most active market in the word
  • Make transactions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Practise your trading strategies


Try a free trial demo Forex account with nextmarkets

Whether you’ve been thinking about trading for a long time or have just stumbled across the markets, now is a great time to get started. With a free trial demo Forex account of the nextmarkets trading platform, you’ll be able to find out what it’s really like to make trades and learn how you can trade successfully from buying and selling currencies.

Understanding Forex trading for beginners is an important way to learn how the market works and it could prevent you from making costly mistakes in the future. By working through the nextmarkets demo, traders can learn the ropes risk-free and without having to use their own funds.

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How long does Forex trading demo registration take?

Signing up for a nextmarkets Forex demo account only takes a few seconds, so you needn’t worry about getting caught up in a time-consuming registration process. In fact, you only need to submit a few basic details to register. You won’t have to wait long to start making trades with your new account either. Forex trading hours are 24 hours a day, 5 days a week so you’ll have plenty of time to access the market. Of course, you’ll want to use a broker who allows you to manage your account in a way that suits you.

For example, a Paypal Forex broker allows you to add funds to your account quickly and easily via Paypal. However you prefer to transfer your funds, make sure your broker facilitates these types of transactions before you sign up with them.

How to find the best Forex trading demo account?

Using a Forex demo account is an ideal way to learn how to trade on the currency market and at nextmarkets, we’re committed to providing the best demo account out there. As well as giving you a user-friendly trading platform on which to make trades, our market analysis and curated investment opportunities take us to another level.

Although there are plenty of brokers out there, they don’t all offer the same level of service. Long response times, high commissions and intermittent up time can have a negative impact on your trading and your profits. Before you make any decisions, take a look at what Forex brokers have to offer and select the platform which best suits your investment style.

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Using a Forex demo account UK

Whether you plan to trade full-time, supplement your income or buy and sell currencies as a hobby, you’ll need a functional trading account. Indeed, a reliable and secure platform is essential when you’re trading on any type of market. With the Forex market subject to sudden changes as a result of political, economic and environmental influences, our platform will provide you with real-time access to the changing market, whenever you need it.

With push notifications available, you’ll never miss market news again. Depending on your preferences, you’ll receive the latest industry news as it happens, as well as insider opinion and trading advice. If you’re looking for the best online Forex trading demo account, look no further.

How much can you make with a UK Forex trading account?

With over USD$5 trillion being traded on Forex every day, the investment opportunities are limitless when it comes to the currency market. Whether you opt to buy and sell currency frequently or make longer-term investments, there is the potential to make a significant return. Of course, investments can fall as well as rise so you’ll need to take this into account when you decide what type of trades you want to make.

Although the FX market is extremely volatile, it’s this state of continuous flux which allows large returns to be made. By accurately predicting whether the value currencies or currency pairs will rise or fall, and by how much, you can create revenue, so you won’t have to wait for a bull market to make a profit.

Invest in your future today

Trading in stocks and shares has always been considered a good, albeit high risk, investment. With Forex, however, you’ll have access to an even more volatile market, meaning there is the opportunity to make large amounts money quickly.

Whether you want to invest a substantial lump sum or your extra income at the end of the month, Forex trading is an ideal way to grow your investment. Register for a free Forex demo account and you’ll be able to start practising your trades straight away. If you want to be a master of the markets, create a free account with nextmarkets and get started now.

Sign up for a free nextmarkets Forex demo account today

With endless possibilities, ongoing support and a secure platform, nextmarkets provides traders with all the tools they need. Why not see for yourself? Avoid the risks associated with live trading while you’re starting out and practice your skills within the safety of a risk-free Forex demo account. Once registered, you’ll have access to a demo account with virtual currency, so you’ll have plenty to invest when you’re trying out Forex trading.

With your free nextmarkets demo account, you can learn how to trade and, more importantly, how to trade successfully. Our expert coaches won’t just tell you how they trade, they’ll explain why they are making specific investments. As well as potentially bringing you short-term gain, this advice can help you to become a better trader in the long-term and boost your confidence as you become more independent.

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