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Last updated: 14.10.2020
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If you’re on the lookout for a broker that puts you at the forefront of online trading, then nextmarkets could be your dream come true. By connecting you with leading professional traders and analysts via the number one day trading app in the UK, you can expect to get more out of your investments.

If you’ve never tried trading before, or simply want to improve your understanding of the CFD and Forex markets, why not download the free nextmarkets demo app today?

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What is a day trading app?

A day trading app allows you to trade on the shares, commodities, forex and indices markets among others. Whether you’re new to trading, want to try a new platform or are simply on the lookout for the best CFD and Forex broker UK, the chances are you could benefit from opening a nextmarkets account. When you download our all-new intuitive trading app, you’ll have unrestricted access to:

  • All the latest advice and strategies from real market coaches
  • Market analysis delivered automatically, in real-time
  • Over 1,000 different CFD trading options
  • Unrivalled customer support in multiple languages
  • Competitive spreads with leverages of 1:30
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What’s the best day trading app to get?

Online trading is becoming increasingly popular, and the market for apps continues to grow. With so many different platforms to choose from, it can be confusing knowing which app to download – particularly when so many claim to be the “best day trading app”.

Put simply, the nextmarkets day trading app to get is the one that has the features you’ll need to be a success on the markets. This means you’ll want to be on the lookout for a platform that offers curated investment opportunities, hints and tips from professional traders, chat monologues from the experts, deposit protection and enhanced cybersecurity features. If an app can’t promise all of this, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

Download the nextmarkets day trading app today

If you’re keen to enter the world of trading, you could download an app, open a shares trading account and start investing in a matter of minutes. Of course, it’s wise to do a little bit of research before you downloading the nextmarkets trading app just because it’s the first one you’ve found in the app store.

Different apps serve different purposes – some will charge high commission, for example, and others won’t offer the sort of analysis and advice beginners need to succeed. Don’t be afraid to read customer reviews or check out comparison sites to get an idea of the platforms people are talking positively about.

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Learn trading with free video content

At nextmarkets, we understand that everyone is unique. As such, everyone learns in different ways. If the thought of sitting and reading lengthy articles doesn’t appeal to you, the good news is that we offer an intuitive, interactive way to learn about trading. Whether you’re a complete novice or just looking to step things up, our free video tutorials come as standard with your account.

Here you’ll be able to learn everything about opening trades, closing trades or modifying them according to all the latest news. This helps you remain in control and helps you make the most of the markets.

Fact Check

If you’d like to see for yourself how nextmarkets could work for you, simply download the app for Android or iPhone. With a demo account, you’ll have access to all of the same powerful analytics as full-time users. Here’s just a handful of reasons why nextmarkets makes sense:

  • An easy to use yet powerful interface
  • All the support and advice you need from professional traders
  • Hundreds of monthly curated trading opportunities just for you

nextmarkets is one of the best day trading apps in the UK. Find out why today.

Day trading for beginners

Copy trades from the professionals

Newcomers to the world of trading are often apprehensive about entering the markets with their own money. Contenders for the number one day trading app will always offer help and advice from the professionals, including the option to copy the trades of the experts.

This is a fantastic way for both new and experienced traders to pick up trading strategies used by the pros at nextmarkets. In addition to offering invaluable insights, the most worthwhile day trading apps will also provide you with a free demo account with virtual currency, so you can get a feel for how the markets work. Once you’ve learned the ropes, you can choose to continue incorporating the trading styles of the pros or begin developing your own strategies: the choice is yours.

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Best day trading app UK reviews

Choosing the right day trading app for your needs can be tricky in a saturated marketplace, which is why it’s so important to read day trading app reviews on various websites. If a platform has a favourable score from various different “top ten” comparison sites, the chances are it delivers what it promises to. Don’t just listen to professional reviewers, though: check out customer reviews on the app store.

This is a great way to find out if an app is easy to use, and whether the customer service on the platform is reliable. Always choose an app that offers:

  • Deposit protection & first-class cyber security
  • Free curated investment opportunities
  • Easy deposits and flexible withdrawals
  • Powerful analytics, graphs and charts to make informed investment decisions

Finding the best day trading app for iPhone users

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll already be aware of how powerful Apple’s flagship device is. The iPhone allows us to do everything from setting reminders to remotely controlling the lighting and heating in our homes. The good news is that with nextmarkets, you can expect your trading prowess to be just as powerful. The nextmarkets app is available in Apple’s App Store, which means it’s been scrutinised and tested for trustworthiness and usability.

Apple’s policy means that only reputable apps are available via the App Store, which means you can rest assured that nextmarkets is the ultimate day trading account. Our reviews speak for themselves, and thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

Learn how to trade with nextmarkets

Flexible investment options at nextmarkets

In the modern world, not everyone wants to be tied to giving their bank or debit/credit card details to every service they use. Payment solutions like PayPal are incredibly popular because they offer flexibility, freedom and security. Your day trading software at nextmarkets should be no different – have it your way! Choose an app that offers PayPal deposits for a more flexible way to start trading on the markets.

There are also other means of funding and withdrawing worth exploring, which makes it more convenient for the different types of investors. Flexible investment options also refer to the different types of investments offered on the platform.

Finding the best day trading app for Android users

The most reliable day trading app for Android users will vary depending on the requirements of the trader. For example, some users might want to build their knowledge of the forex, stocks, shares, commodities and indices markets while still having the freedom to invest as they see fit. The nextmarkets app that offers hints and advice while providing competitive spreads and charging no commission is a worthy contender for the title of “finest day trading app on Android”.

An opportunity to learn more about the various markets would also be welcome. Of course, checking reviews is always worthwhile to find out what the core users of an app think about the service.

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The importance of security

If you’re investing relatively large sums of money, it’s important to know that your broker is committed to protecting that investment. If a platform doesn’t implicitly state upfront how it intends to protect your deposit, it’s probably worth avoiding it altogether.

Reputable apps will always have some sort of deposit protection scheme in place, along with the best possible cybersecurity measures to protect your data. Look out for customer reviews that focus on how quickly software bugs are fixed – this should give you an indication as to how security-conscious a platform is. It’s also important to take note of whether a strong password is possible on the platform, which means at least 8 to 16 digits. With these things in place, it will be very difficult for the wrong people to gain access to the platform.

Free day trading app UK

You may be wondering whether there are any advantages to using the free nextmarkets day trading app UK versus a paid-for platform. The answer is quite simple: why pay for expert analysis, curated trading opportunities and professional trading advice when you can get it for free?

nextmarkets offers powerful, intuitive user interfaces and competitive odds to rival paid-for services. Even if you’re a newcomer with questions like what is day trading? or what are stocks?, the good news is that with the right app you’ll learn all the terms needed to succeed in next to no time.

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Did you know?

At nextmarkets, we’re here for our customers. That’s why we don’t charge commission and offer the most competitive spreads in the industry. In addition to this, we also offer the following (and more):

  • Investment and financial backing from some of the biggest industry names, such as Peter Thiel and FinLab
  • Flexible withdrawal and deposit options, such as PayPal, to allow you to trade your way
  • Deposit insurance of up to £100,000

If you’d like to know more about how nextmarkets could change the way you trade online, simply sign up today. You’ll soon find out why so many UK traders are getting involved with our platform. For further information, you can even contact our friendly and experienced team.

Choosing the best online day trading app for beginners

If you’re new to trading, you’ll want to be on the lookout for an app that offers day trading strategies and chat monologues from the experts. A platform that makes you feel at ease and doesn’t intimidate or bamboozle you with jargon and complex trading terminology is more likely to help you learn how the markets work. The best online trading app for beginners should offer the following:

  • Free advice from the professionals
  • A demo mode with virtual currency to practise with
  • Investment opportunities tailored to your strategies
Free share trading software by nextmarkets

Things to avoid from a mobile day trading simulator app

Don’t be tempted to simply download the first mobile day trading simulator app you find – you could be making a big mistake. Apps that require you to visit third-party websites or install third-party trading software should generally be avoided – as should any mobile trading app from a platform that doesn’t protect your data or investments. If an app has several negative reviews, its user base is likely being critical for a reason.

With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to find the most reliable day trading app and avoid unscrupulous platforms that simply want to make money off you without offering anything in return.

Things to expect from the nextmarkets day trading app UK

Now that we’ve got the negatives out of the way, you might be wondering about the positive things to look for in an online trading app in the UK. Firstly, if the app has a generally positive reputation in App Store/Google Play reviews, the chances are it’s reliable. These reviews typically reflect the honest opinions of base users and allow you to get an opinion “straight from the horse’s mouth”, so to speak. You should expect the following from the nextmarkets online trading app, and more:

  • Competitive spreads and zero commission
  • No kick-back for curated investments
  • Easy access to your funds
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The best app for day traders

At nextmarkets, we genuinely believe that we offer the best app for day trading. The app integrates everything a day trader may need to make their day trading possible, without having to log onto a desktop. After painstaking research, we’ve developed the most powerful user interface for mobile trading in the UK. With push notifications, you’ll get access to all the latest movements on the market as-and-when they happen.

This puts you in the driving seat and gives you an advantage when it comes to making those all-important trades at the right time. Don’t settle for less than a community that strives to help you become a success on the markets.

Risk management when trading

Understanding day trading for beginners can be a daunting task: but with the right strategies in place, you needn’t risk losing your investment. A reputable trading app will allow you to practice before investing for real, and with tutorials from the professionals, you’ll learn how to reduce risks. One such strategy is the “one percent” rule.

This involves never investing more that one percent of your existing funds on a single trade. Markets can be volatile, and risk-management strategies like this help to limit losses when things don’t go as expected.

Open your nextmarkets account now

If you like the idea of what you’ve read so far, perhaps it’s time to download the UK’s finest day trading app. With the nextmarkets demo account, you’ll enjoy free virtual currency to practise with before getting started with real trades. In addition to this, you’ll also receive advice, strategies and curated investment opportunities from some of the most successful traders in the industry.

With this advice, you’ll be developing your own trading style and taking the markets by storm in no time. All you’ll need to register is an email address, and you could be trading in a matter of minutes. Choose wisely, choose nextmarkets.

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