Day Trading Broker: 5 reasons to choose nextmarkets

Last updated: 20.05.2020
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There are a number of day trading brokers listed on the World Wide Web. At first glance, most brokers seem reputable and it can be difficult to decide which broker offers the best individual offer. In fact, this often only becomes apparent when it comes to an actual comparison with its competitors. 

In the first place, what you want plays a primary role because the individual differences for the respective assets can sometimes be enumerable. If you happen to want to trade your assets with a short holding period and consider nextmarkets as a viable option, then it’s time to set up that account. Register now at nextmarkets!

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Becoming a day trader: What should you consider?

As you may have noticed in the introduction, there is undoubtedly a multitude of online brokers. A large number of them right here on the Internet. This is for both the international and UK market. However, the requirements for a daytrader are quite diverse.

An efficient, mutually beneficial partnership can only be entered into with a suitable partner. Every investor has to decide for themselves, which aspects they consider important. It has to be noted that the ideal qualities of the best online broker cannot be easily fulfilled. Rather, every investor selects their provider according to their needs.

The optimal day trading provider is, therefore, a purely subjective decision, but should be based on some facts. The point of trust, however, still plays an invaluable role that’s not to be underestimated. This is why the signing up with nextmarkets is ideal.

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This is how you recognize the best broker for day trading

Admittedly, the subheading may sound edgy. However, some general statements can be made, by which you can determine the optimal day trading provider. Since your nextmarkets day trading strategy will only keep your assets for a very short time, you are aiming for rapid price gains. This is a perfectly legitimate and profitable process.

Nevertheless, you must make sure that your broker for day trading considers the best possible conditions for your trades. This is the only way to ensure that the fees do not consume your profits. In order to get the most out of your trades, the provider should offer attractive leverage. Any additional transaction fees should not apply, so you do not experience any nasty surprises at the end of the trading period. Do not be forced into day trades.  Instead, choose an online broker that will provide you with a large selection of assets such as stocks, foreign exchange (what is Forex?), CFDs (was are CFDs?) or commodities.

How to find a reliable broker for day trading?

If you are interested in trading stocks (What are Stocks?) efficiently, you need a reliable broker. Whether you trade via stock CFDs or traditional channels, your online broker should have some cutting-edge features. In the first place, no account maintenance fees or custody account costs should be incurred.

In addition, there should be a large selection of securities, especially where stock CFDs are concerned. As a minimum, all blue-chip stocks should be included in the range of services. For the investor in the stock market, it is also important that the provided trading software carries no delays. Buy or sell orders must be executed immediately in order to make the most of market changes.

The offered leverage should also be correspondingly attractive for the trader to allow small price fluctuations to lead to good profits. To learn stock trading takes time and is considered quite the process. The icing on the cake is that your online broker can actively support this process through good learning materials. At nextmarkets, all these boxes will be ticked, providing you with an excellent trading experience.

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What is Forex Day Trading?

Currency trading enjoys growing popularity with private investors (s. our guide Forex for Beginners). No wonder the Forex market is the most powerful trading centre in the world. Your day trading broker for Forex should combine two things:

  • the best possible conditions and
  • good leverage without additional funding.

The requirement is that the minimum size for regular trading is 1 Lot (100,000 units of the base value). Most retail investors trade with corresponding CFDs to reduce entry barriers for forex trading. Nevertheless, the Forex market focuses on price fluctuations in the decimal range, which can only be traded profitably via the use of leverage.

Since Forex is traded 24 hours a day, the same conditions should apply to your CFD and Forex broker in order to execute your day trades immediately. The nextmarkets currency trading guide might be complicated for beginners but traders can receive trading ideas and tips from professional market experts.

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nextmarkets ensures that the needs of their day traders are met. They benefit from a wide variety of asset classes, favourable terms, and eight or more market analysts who provide insights and trading tips in real time.

  • Over 1,000 investment products including shares, indices, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies and bonds are available
  • Try day trading completely risk-free with a free and unlimited demo account
  • You are well-equipped for Forex trading with a leverage of up to 1:30
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Trading with a trusted broker is crucial for success

As day trading’s popularity grows, so does the demand for online brokers. These brokers should also offer short-selling trades and not shy away from day trading comparisons. Your chosen broker should be upfront with their information and product range, to allow you easily compare them. 

Is there a lot of information out there regarding day trading, or is this rather an obscure topic? Are there any specialized learning materials or further offers? Are brokerage fees reasonable? All these are just the first signs of the importance of client satisfaction and should alert traders to the possibility that their needs might not be a priority to their chosen broker.  It will be interesting to see how nextmarkets compares in terms of trading software and the various payment options.

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The best broker for day trading should be...

You may have seen this in a movie: A private investor calls his bank and places an order by phone. This is a scenario for traditional trading channels and traders rely on more advanced technology nowadays to make their trades. While telephones were used in the last century, the digital age has since replaced them. Modern trading methods mean you will rely on the nextmarkets day trading software.

Tools like Metatrader 4 are just the tip of the iceberg. The offered online broker software has to work efficiently and without delays, so you can realize your profit. In addition, information on the fundamental analysis and the usual chart indicators are expected. Since many markets such as Forex never rest, an online broker app should be available to carry out actions while on the move.

The payment methods of the day trading broker

To trade with CFDs, you first need capital on your nextmarkets online broker account. Since you can’t really hand over this to an online broker personally, there should be a variety of options to fund the accounts or withdraw from them. While many online brokers still insist on an old-fashioned transaction via bank transfer, other online brokers already use PayPal and other modern payment methods.

Of course, this benefits the high-speed need of the current generation of traders. If a promising signal shows up and the current margin is not sufficient, then you would like to transfer funds immediately so that you do not have to miss out on potential profit.

Some brokers have added additional fees to their online broker payment methods, so be sure to look for hidden costs in your review – especially when withdrawing any funds. At nextmarkets, we believe that transparency in fees and costs is important, and traders are made aware of the costs immediately.

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Comparing nextmarkets to other day trading brokers

Because of the complexity of day trading, it is clear that some experience is needed to succeed. This is especially true when it comes to developing suitable day trading strategies on nextmarkets and trying them out. Those who trade with real money and act negligently, will restrict the possibility of formulating a creative and profitable strategy.

Therefore, a free, no obligation demo account should always be part of the online broker offer. With virtual capital, you learn to test the use of leverage, the fee structure and the day trading software. Also, you get to work on your strategies. Once you have developed a profitable trading strategy, it can be transferred to your trading account with just a few clicks at nextmarkets.

For best results with the trading demo account, you should check that this is also fed with real-time data. Only in this way can valid, authentic results be achieved. Register now at nextmarkets!

Reasons why good customer service is your most important metric

When money and complex issues such as trading are involved, questions will arise sooner or later. nextmarkets does not shy away from users’ day trading experiences on neutral rating platforms but engages the user instead. This will improve the experience and allow the broker to pinpoint areas of the trading experience that they may need to work on.

A broker that’s committed to improving customer experience will most likely have positive ratings. For this result, of course, it requires a well-oiled support machine. The market standard has established various contact points for the interested investor:

  • Telephone,
  • Email and
  • Live Chat.

When it comes to a short-term solution, there should be a direct contact option such as the live chat. When day trading, delays can cost a lot of money so they should always be avoided. Helpful support should not only be available but also trained, helpful, and above all competent. A serious approach to customer inquiries creates trust and long-term customer loyalty. At nextmarkets, we pride ourselves in our service delivery.

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Further service offers make the difference at nextmarkets

Private investors often feel that online brokers are interchangeable. This is often due to the fact that unique selling points – so-called unique selling propositions – do not exist or are not sufficiently communicated.

Above all, the service area offers great potential to distance oneself from other market players. Anyone offering additional service to investors should quickly gain favour. When doing your research, be sure to look for additional service offers that will help you in your trading journey, but beware of useless gimmicks. In the day trading context, we talk about special promotions, discounted fees, and detailed training materials. These are all helpful and should be considered, when making a decision.

For beginners, professionally generated trading signals are helpful, which they can track right away while they analyze and implement the recommendations afterwards. Not only do you gain experience quickly, but you also gain insight into the trading strategy of professionals. This can make the difference at nextmarkets, our add-ons provide traders with the tools for success.

The right approach is important

Whether you want to trade stocks, currencies or cryptocurrencies, the right financial product and approach will make all the difference. You should know exactly what you want to achieve yourself as and if it happens to be as a day trader, it’s important to learn day trading on nextmarkets.

Most retail investors use CFDs here. First and foremost is leverage and the ability to trade the underlying in both directions. Why should you deal with the complicated rights and obligations of the individual underlying assets, if this is not absolutely necessary? With CFDs, you can day trade in all asset classes in day trading and can create your own individual strategy for each individual value or asset class. Register now at nextmarkets!

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Did you know? has at their disposal professional market experts to guide traders along on their journey, aside from a large portfolio of CFDs. Get to know the tricks of day trading for the different assets in no time at all:

  • Eight or more market analysts provide you with free real-time analyses & strategies
  • All trades are explained in a nutshell. Take advantage of skills developed by following trades of professionals closely
  • The nextmarkets coaches provide insights on tradable signals directly on their smartphone

How to know if a review site is trustworthy

In your search for suitable providers, you will undoubtedly encounter numerous review sites. These sites compare the different providers and make neutral, objective statements about the right provider for you. Unfortunately, it is precisely where review sites often fail.

Sometimes, it is the lack of consistency of uniform evaluation criteria, but sometimes purely on the kickback received from the “winning” site. Thus, it has already happened in many industries that review sites have the highest rated providers that pay the most commission.

In addition, dubious online brokers are themselves at work and own some of these sites in order to list themselves at the top. Such platforms can be used as an indicator of the integrity of an online broker, but you should always view these with a bit of scepticism. At nextmarkets, we want to engage our clients and welcome unbiased reviews.

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Regulation of nextmarkets as a day trading broker

As the last criteria, we would like you to focus your attention on something that should actually be a matter of course. Check every online broker for valid licensing within the European Union! In addition, make sure that it is a reputable company that actually exists.

There should already be a number of hits on that particular broker when trying to locate him through a search engine. Not only will a simple search tell you a lot about the prospective broker, but it may also save you a lot of cash. There are things that you should watch out for that you might be dealing with an unscrupulous broker. For example, there might be a lot of bad reviews and day-trading experiences on testimonial portals or in app stores.

Large leverage that go beyond the E.U legal requirements should also be viewed with scepticism. As the last point, make sure that a complete list of prices and services is available. At nextmarkets, not only do we comply with the regulations in the markets we trade in, but we also make our pricing available to traders to improve transparency.

Conclusion: Try nextmarkets, your broker for day trading

After reading this page you should be in a position to know what to look for when you opt for your personal Day trading Broker winner. Be aware that there is no best day trading broker, but you need to find the best provider for your personal strategy. In summation, you learned:

  • What features you need to look out for
  • Which points are of particular importance for which asset classes
  • The role of software and payment methods for day trading
  • Why you should not cut back on support
  • And what additional offers are of interest to a trader

With this information, you are well-equipped to start your day trading journey with nextmarkets. Make your move and sign up for a free and non-binding demo account with nextmarkets.

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