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Last updated: 14.10.2020
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The Forex market is the perfect place for novice traders to begin their journey into financial trading. Anyone who has ever been to a foreign country will have had some experience of exchanging money from one currency to another.

This makes Forex trading an easy concept to understand and therefore a great place to start. In Forex trading for beginners, nextmarkets builds on this general concept of exchanging one currency for another. Learning to make the most of Forex trading tools and reading the markets for signals and indicators is key to success on the Forex market.

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Forex trading for beginners

The first key to Forex trading for beginners is to observe the market. Before you start to invest any real money into the markets, there are tools available to help you get a feel for trading without actually risking your own money. Opening a nextmarkets Forex demo account will enable you to practice trading with dummy virtual currency, helping you to learn how to spot signals in the market and read different types of Forex Indicators.

You’ll be able to simulate real trades, seeing your demo account balance increase or decrease following your trading activity. Once you feel that you are confident enough, you can switch of your trading demo account and get started trading for real.

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Learn how to trade forex

Learn how to trade Forex with a nextmarkets Forex trading app, a trading platform in your pocket. A user-friendly interface will break down the market into understandable chunks, instead of asking you to look at reams of raw data.

Once you have registered, you will also be able to receive trade notifications straight to your phone, so you can get automatic updates when something changes. This means that beginner traders don’t need to sit and watch the markets, waiting for something to happen. Instead, you can sit back, relax and wait for the market updates to come to you.

How to get into forex trading with nextmarkets

First of all, you need some money to invest. A nextmarkets broker demo account is the perfect way to practice, but to really start trading you’ll need to add some real money to your account. Financial speculation is a risk-based business. Whenever you invest money into your account, there is always a chance you could lose that money as well as earning more.

Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose. It is not an exact science, even if you follow all of the most conservative trading strategies, there is a good chance that you could lose money on a trade.

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How to learn to trade currency with nextmarkets successfully

Professional Forex traders are trained for years, and study their markets closely for a long time. The best Forex broker nextmarkets  will have spent years trading on the markets to build up enough expertise to profit from other people’s trades as well as their own. Forex trading is not always predictable, if it were, there would be far more people doing it!

Have a little patience and take your time getting to know your market. Do not expect to start making extremely profitable trades straight away. If you sit back and observe the markets, then move to a nextmarkets demo account and then move into small trades with real money, you will start trading currency successfully much faster and more consistently.

Fact Check

When we think of financial trading, there is an image of a trading floor and a large bell which immediately spring to mind. But this is not the what the market looks like today.

  • The majority of Forex trades take place online
  • 5% of all Forex trades are attributed to retail trades
Day trading for beginners

Trading Forex through safe and secure platfoms

One of the most important things aspiring traders need to consider before signing up to a forex platform, is that the platform won’t use their details or funds without their authorisation. While many platforms make use of Paypal Forex brokers to provide safe trading, others also include options where secure card payments can be made.

These steps are important in ensuring that the funds enter and leave the account securely. Verification codes and user authentication are also important steps to follow. Beginner traders who are not quite sure how to check out whether a platform is secure, are recommended to check whether they have the necessary compliance certificates in place and whether these platforms are registered with the necessary governing bodies.

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Who can trade on the Forex market?

The Forex market is made accessible to everyone through Forex brokers such as nextmarkets. Thanks to the easy-to-use trading platform, even novice traders can get to grips with the Forex market in record time and start making money from exchanges. You don’t need to have huge amounts of capital to trade on the Forex market.

By trading through a broker with their own Forex trading software for you to use, even people with relatively small amounts of money to invest can become traders. With nextmarkets you can invest using your Paypal account, which makes buying your first Forex currency even easier.

Learn Forex trading with nextmarkets

The best way to learn to trade on the Forex market is to choose one currency pair, and focus on trading within these two currencies to begin with. This will allow you to limit one variable in your trading, which should theoretically allow you to get to know the market a little faster.

Each pair of currencies will have different levels of volatility as the external influences on the price of each currency will be different. “Normal” activity will vary hugely from one currency pair to the next, so it definitely recommended to start by getting to know one pair in detail. You can research the market to see where the most opportunities lie before deciding which currency pair to focus on.

Learn how to trade with nextmarkets

Listen to the experts

There are lots of places that you can go for extra help with Forex trading for beginners. Forums, videos, case studies, reports, apps and trading platforms themselves are all invaluable sources of information for novice traders. There are tutorials and introductory videos online that you can watch for basic overviews of the market and get you up to speed. A nextmarkets trading glossary is also a great place to go if you are struggling with any advanced terminology.

The nextmarket website has dozens of articles on all areas of Forex trading for beginners. If you have a particular area of interest, or a specific question about a theory or strategy, search for the right article to help you. If you are on the hunt for information generally, spend an evening reading through some articles and pick up some Forex help trading from experienced traders.

Forex help trading

When you are learning Forex trading for beginners, it is a good idea to study some strategies and get a base level knowledge of the theory. This is so that you understand the basic concepts behind Forex trading in order to make informed decisions about your trades.

However, thanks to new technology, you can use tools such as a Forex signals app to learn Forex trading by helping you to read the markets. With tools like these, you won’t need to draw any graphs, create reports or do complicated sums in order to decide when to enter or exit a trade. Instead, you can rely on the tools to take care of this for you, so you can make informed decisions quickly and easily.

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How to trade forex for beginners

When you are getting to grips with Forex trading for beginners, there are many new words and phrases which you will come across which are particular to the Forex market. If you already have prior experience with other forms of financial trading then some of these terms may already be familiar.

Before you get to know the different tactics and strategies you can use to trade on the Forex market, you will need to brush up on your vocabulary. Have a read through a Forex glossary, and keep it open in a separate tab whilst you watch nextmarkets tutorials or read starter guides. This way, you can easily reference the glossary if you come across any new terms and learn along the way.

Do your research

Aside from being equipped with trading tips and strategies, there are other pieces of key information you will need to know about the Forex market before you get started Forex trading for Beginners. Firstly, you need to know about Forex trading hours. Although the Forex market is considered a 24-hour trading market, your currency pair is likely to have peak trading times throughout the day.

Make sure that you know what these are before you start investing. The Forex market is open for trading 5 and a half days a week, with different local centres of trading operating at different times. You can find out more about your market by looking at the Forex calendar.

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Did you know?

There are many things which can put would-be traders off from investing in the Forex market. But many of the reasons that put people off are completely unfounded. Did you know:

  • You don’t need thousands of pounds to start investing in the Forex market
  • You can invest and withdraw money from your account using Paypal
  • You can practice trades in a nextmarkets demo account without investing any real money

Start forex trading with nextmarkets

The best way to get to know the Forex markets is simply to get started with your first trade! Starting with small amounts is best practice, as even if the trade is not profitable, you won’t be losing much money overall. This will leave you with more money left to trade, and more opportunities to learn more about the market and the currency pair you are trading.

If you start with large investments straight away, the rewards may be greater, but so are the risks. You run the chance of losing some or all of the money you invest, so the recommendation for Forex trading for beginners is to start small and work up to larger investments.

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Forex trading tips

Forex trading tips are not always easy to come by. Once Forex traders are on to a winning trade, they will be thinking about capitalising on this opportunity, rather than alerting others to the possibility of making money. In order to be really successful at trading on the Forex market, you need to start knowing when to enter and exit trades.

The nextmarkets Forex app alerts you to changes and signals in the market, letting you know when certain market criteria have been met. With Forex trading for beginners, you won’t have the knowledge or experience to generate your own market tips, so it is worth playing on the safe side to begin with and leaning on the support of resources such as trading tips apps.

Forex trading tutorial

Forex trading for beginners tutorials is a fantastic resource for traders new to the Forex market. The nextmarkets tutorials will help you understand the Forex trading platforms more so than the market overall. Step-by-step guides will help you get to know the features of the Forex trading software and how it can help you on your way to successful Forex deals.

The tutorials will not necessarily walk you through the basics of what is Forex, so it is worth researching this separately so that you have some background context for how and why the software works as it does. If you have never used a trading platform before, then a Forex trading tutorial is a must

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How to get started in Forex trading

With Forex trading for beginners, it is usually a good idea to spend some time observing the markets before beginning to trade. By watching out for patterns, indicators and Forex signals for your chosen currency pair, you can get an idea of where the market might move next.

This will give you a base market context to start applying theories and strategies. Once you’ve had a look at the reports and got an idea of how the market moves, you can then start to study some Forex trading strategies and apply them theoretically to what you are seeing in front of you.

The best Forex tips & tricks

There are dozens of different tips and tricks used by Forex traders to inform their entries and exits to the market. Quite often, these techniques are used in combination with one another, making it even more difficult for novice traders to get their heads round them.

The most common strategies mentioned in Forex trading for beginners are those based on Bollinger bands and candlestick reports. These are two of the main ways of visualising Forex market data, and are therefore instrumental in interpreting market behaviour. When starting out as a Forex trader with nextmarkets, these are the two main strategy areas you should focus on understanding, as many other will build on this information.

Get started in Forex trading today - with nextmarkets!

With all of the tips about how to trade Forex for beginners listed in the article above you should have a good idea of where to start on your Forex journey. Anyone can learn how to trade Forex, and with Paypal making it even easier to deposit funds into your account, there is no reason not to start Forex trading today. If you make the most of all of the training resources on offer to you, such as tutorials, demo accounts, trading tips apps, forums, glossaries and articles, you could be on the way to making money from Forex trades in no time.

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