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Last updated: 28.02.2023
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When you’re a total novice, it can be a little daunting to take those first steps into stock investment, but it doesn’t need to be. At nextmarkets we offer a wealth of information so that you can make calculated decisions and know exactly what you’re doing, so you can buy and sell with confidence.

Our guide to stocks & shares for beginners is the perfect entry point to learning the key details to help you get started, to make the most of your profits. Find out more about stocks and shares, and sign up for your free trial account today.

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Stocks and shares for beginners: Investing isn’t always easy

Investing in stocks and shares for beginners isn’t always easy. You may not even know the difference – what are shares and what are stocks? Essentially they’re the same thing – you would talk about owning shares in one particular company, while stock is a broader term for shares in multiple companies. This is just one example just how tricky getting into the stock market can be if you’re a newcomer.

Thankfully you don’t have to be completely dazzled by the jargon, and by downloading the nextmarkets app you can begin your journey on the road to successful investment and learning all the essential beginner tips. Trading stocks becomes easier when you follow the expert coaches’ advice on the app.

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Some things that make stock trading for beginners easier to understand

One of the key things to know when looking at stock trading for beginners is how your money could potentially grow. Stock trading has the potential to be a lot more fruitful than banking your money, as the return on investment can be a lot higher in the long term.

But you always need to remember that profit isn’t guaranteed and your investment portfolio could drop in value – there is always a risk element to investing in stocks and shares. That’s why you need to look for the best online stock broker UK available, to give you the most in-depth guidance when choosing your investment portfolio. And that’s where our expert coaches at nextmarkets can help.

Stock market for beginners: how to get started with nextmarkets?

The challenge of knowing where to start with the stock market for beginners is sometimes a tough one. You need to work out how much capital you have available to invest, and the return that you want on it.

You can then use the recent market activity and the tips of the expert investors on predicted trends to work out which company or companies you want to buy shares in. With nextmarkets, you’ve plenty of guidance available related to stocks & shares for beginners, so we can help you make those decisions when you’re starting out as an investor.

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How to trade stocks for beginners

There are two main ways you can trade stocks. The first is to use what’s called a ‘share dealing platform’. These allow you to buy and sell shares from any company on the stock exchange, as well as from overseas exchanges too. Prices fluctuate based on demand, with high demand seeing cost (and return) driven up.

The alternative to platforms is to use a broker –a licensed middle man to trade on your behalf. Learning how to trade stocks for beginners is made easy with nextmarkets. Everything about the mobile app is designed to make it simple to find the best trades.

  • Get up to two hundred trade ideas every month
  • Read strategies that explain why a trade idea is worth investing in
  • Copy the best trades from your account with ease
  • Learn the ropes using a free nextmarkets demo account
  • Get free notifications to your desktop or phone

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Complete beginners can learn how to trade stocks and shares with nextmarkets. When you join nextmarkets you’ll access a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Guides to help you learn how to trade stocks and shares, which provide necessary insight for newbie traders
  • Expert opinions with detailed explanations on where to invest – must for those treading the trading waters for the first time
  • The opportunity to try a demo version of the platform before you spend your own cash

Why start trading stock online?

The modern world of trading stock online has made it much easier to keep on top of your investment portfolio. Back when you had to speak directly to your broker on the phone, you might have missed opportunities. But once you know how to buy shares online, you’ll never have to worry about delays causing you to miss out again.

You can buy and sell at will, should you wish to, with just a few taps of your smartphone in just a few minutes. At nextmarkets, we make sure you know the best shares to buy, no matter where you are in the world.

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Managing your account made easy

Investing in stocks for beginners can be a complex business, with so many variables when deciding when to buy and sell. That’s why at nextmarkets we’ve created the best share trading app available – to make the process as simple as possible.

Everything you need is at your fingertips on the smartphone app, while the web app is also intuitive and clear. It couldn’t be easier to get the best trade options straight from our experts or to copy their investments with only a couple of button presses. Not entirely convinced? Sign up for a demo account to see just how simple it truly is.

How to invest in stock market for beginners

No one stock option is going to achieve your goals unless you’re exceptionally lucky. Instead, you need to build a portfolio, and the best way to do that is to continuously reinvest. Start with the capital you are prepared to invest, and if you see a good return, consider reinvesting into more stocks to help make the most of your original capital.

If you use a share trading platform, you can manage this all yourself, but if you go down the route of a broker then you’ll need to make sure you’re clear with them on how you want your funds managed. Our experts will always talk in detail about their best trade options, perfect as a guide on how to invest in the stock market for beginners. With nextmarkets being the best stock trading software available, you can easily keep on top of your expanding portfolio too.

Learn how to trade with nextmarkets

Learn how to trade stocks for beginners with nextmarkets

If you want to take your investment seriously, you’ll need some help to learn how to trade stocks for beginners. Traditionally, people would often put their trust in a stock broker to manage their funds, or they’d have to find a private mentor or even study books to become experts.

With the nextmarkets app, none of this is necessary. You can follow the guidance of our coaches and build up your knowledge of the markets in your own time, without needing to pay someone to turn you into an expert. Our coaches’ in-depth strategies will show you how it’s done at no extra cost.

Making investments over time

No matter how you decide to trade stocks, the key is that you shouldn’t expect to buy and sell using the same capital quickly. You’re perfectly capable of doing this should you wish, but trading the same fund back and forth is likely to lead to low profits, even if you play the markets well.

Instead, you should see your stocks and shares as an investment over time – you’ll nearly always get the best results if you give your stock time to flourish. Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on your account, in case it started a downturn, whether you manage it yourself or instruct your broker to keep you closely informed. The nextmarkets app offers the best share trading account for watching your investments on-the-go, perfect as the way to track stocks & shares for beginners.

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Stock market investing for beginners

One of the best ways to get to grips with stock market investing for beginners is to simply try it. Of course, you don’t want to go into the deep end with your own capital before you know what you’re doing, which is why a nextmarkets trial is a fantastic option. Sign up and you’ll get to try out the entire nextmarkets app for free, with a pot of test funds to use as you wish.

You can use the trial for as long as you want to as well, so you don’t have to commit real funds until you’re 100% comfortable using the app. It’s the perfect way for beginners to learn the ins and outs of trading without any of the associated risk.

Manage your stock on-the-go

Managing your account with nextmarkets is so easy. As it’s a smartphone app, you can log in whenever you have an internet connection to access your stock market demo account online. You could be lying in bed, or jetting around the world on a business trip, and you’ll have full access to your portfolio, the latest tips and trade opinions, and any support you may need. There’s no fee to use the app either, and if you prefer to access your information on a laptop or desktop, a web app is also available, so it’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Did you know?

At nextmarkets we will always safeguard your success as a trader where we can. Your money and investments matter, which is why we have a number of safety measures in place:

  • We’re backed by major global investors Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, FinLab and Falk Strascheg
  • Deposits up to £100,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • You can start from as low as around £500, which is a small investment amount for traders

How to invest in stocks and shares with nextmarkets

When deciding how to invest in stocks and shares, you can be as flexible as you wish with the easy nextmarkets app. You can focus on one sector that you know well, and buy shares in just one company, or you can expand your stock portfolio by splitting your capital over a number of opportunities, protecting your funds should one suffer a sudden downturn. The advice and trade options detailed by our expert investors will let you take the investment path of your choice, helping you get the best return whilst ensuring you don’t need to take high risks if you don’t want to.

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Stock market trading for beginners guide

At nextmarkets, we don’t try to hide all the secrets from you in order to make you completely reliant on us or our experts. You’re free to invest as you please. However, if you’re interested in a stock market trading for beginners guide, we are happy to hold your hand through your first investments, by giving you all this information, and having our investors go through their trade options in real-time strategy discussions, so you can understand how they came to their decisions. We offer as many resources as we can to inform you, and you’re then free to choose how you wish to use them. You can soon go from beginner to advanced trader with our help.

Stocks: beginners to experts

If you decide to use a broker to trade for you, then you place your trust in them and hope for the best. What’s great about the nextmarkets app instead is how it helps you to learn how to trade stocks over time. Even the newest of stocks beginners will soon get to grips with how it all works, thanks in no small part to how intuitive the app is, making the actual trading process extremely simple.

It’s then down to learning how the markets work, and how best to make use of the tips from our experts – you’ll build up your own trading education and understand the nuances of buying and selling. That’s why nextmarkets is the best stock trading app available – eventually, you’ll become an expert in trading in your own right.

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Stocks and shares: how to get started with nextmarkets

Taking that first dip into investment is easier when you’ve got an example to follow. You can take confidence from knowing you’re doing the same as others who may be more experienced than you. With stocks and shares, how to get started is up to you but we’ve built the best share trading software around to help you make your first decisions.

  •  If you don’t know which first stock to buy, you can copy trades from our coaches
  •  You can read detailed strategies that run through the logic in choosing that trade
  •  Sign up for a demo account to see which first stock option may be best suited to you

Other options available for your investment

As well as investing stocks and shares in publicly trading companies, there are a number of other options available for your investment. As a beginner guide to markets, you’ll easily be able to learn about the various options available to you through the nextmarkets app, including bonds, cryptocurrencies, and forex – the trading of foreign currency pairs.

Or if you’d rather stick to equity trading, you can take your pick from major global companies such as Adidas, Apple or Volkswagen, or stick to the global market indices such as the Top 100 UK companies. Our expert coaches are knowledgeable in all of the markets available, so you’ll be able to take their steer no matter where you want your money to go.

Learn from the nextmarkets experts

Where nextmarkets is different from many other brokers is in the expert advice you’ll get, and the freedom you have to use it or ignore it. Many brokers may claim to offer advice on how to invest your money, but this may not be fully researched, it may not be truly independent and it may even be tailored towards getting you to invest in a high-commission product, rather than investing in something suited to you.

At nextmarkets our coaches’ advice is totally independent, with detailed analysis and explanations, leaving you free to make an informed decision based on the logic of the strategy. Register today for the nextmarkets app to try a free demo account, with full access to the service and no risk of your own capital, and learn all about stocks & shares for beginners without any pressure.

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