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Last updated: 14.10.2020
Tim Parker
Tim Parker
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25 years

Since we introduced curated investing at nextmarkets, this form of investment has enjoyed increasing popularity among private investors. We have trading experts available to support you in CFD trading. So even beginners can start trading immediately.

In our nextmarkets Review, we also go into detail about our intuitive trading platform. In this context, you should also take a look at our trading offer and the trading conditions. At nextmarkets, you have the opportunity to trade CFDs on many different underlying instruments.

nextmarkets investors

The famous Curated Investing in the nextmarkets Test

We start our nextmarkets test by introducing you to Curated Investing in more detail. Many traders are now familiar with so-called “social trading”. In principle, you can imagine it as a combination of a social network and a broker. For example, you have the possibility to “follow” other traders and above all to copy their trades. Ideally, you can therefore profit from the performance of the other traders. However, the difficulty often lies in finding those traders who show a consistently good performance.

For this reason, nextmarkets GmbH has decided to take the idea of social trading further. The result is the already mentioned “Cuarted Investing”. Curated Investing was part of the offer at nextmarkets in 2019. Here one uses the advantages of social trading, but avoids its disadvantages.

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Benefit from the nextmarkets experts' experience

Social trading is very popular with beginners, because you can earn money on the stock market with it, even if you are not yet very familiar with trading yourself. Because in this case you simply make use of the knowledge of experienced traders.

With Curated Investing, on the other hand, you do not blindly follow “just any” traders. Rather, at nextmarkets you benefit from the experience of proven experts (coaches) and stock market professionals. They will prepare up to 200 analyses for you each month and present your trading ideas directly on the nextmarkets trading platform. You can then copy these trades directly. In our nextmarkets Review, we will discuss the nextmarkets trading platform in more detail. As already mentioned, curated investing will be part of the nextmarkets offering in 2019. However, we will continue our nextmarkets test with the trading offer for the time being.

The large trading offer in the nextmarkets test

At nextmarkets you have the opportunity to trade CFDs on a large number of underlying instruments. These include stock indices such as the DAX and the American Dow Jones Index. In addition, many different currency pairs are available to you. Examples include the Euro/US Dollar (EUR/USD) and the Euro/Swiss Franc (EUR/CHF). However, you can not only trade the main and secondary currency pairs with us. We also offer trading with exotic currency pairs such as the Euro / Norwegian Krone (EUR / NOK). In addition, nextmarkets 2019 also offers you individual shares and commodities for trading.

Also worth mentioning in our nextmarkets Review is the range of tradable crypto currencies. We also offer the possibility of trading Bitcoin CFDs and Ethereum CFDs.

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nextmarkets experience with levers: Increase the purchasing power of your capital!

Trading CFDs offers you as a trader numerous advantages. For example, you can also use leverage when trading CFDs on nextmarkets in 2019. Of course, a nextmarkets test should also include an explanation of the leverage: When trading, the leverage determines how much capital you must have in order to trade a particular CFD.

We explain this in our nextmarkets Review with an example: Let’s assume you want to trade a share that stands at €100. Without leverage you actually need 100 € on your trading account. However, with share CFDs you can use leverage of up to 1:5 on nextmarkets. This means that in this case the amount of capital required is reduced to 20 €.

Fact Check

At nextmarkets you can trade CFDs on many different underlying assets in 2019. As this nextmarkets Review shows, our costs and fees are very low.

  • Deposits and withdrawals at nextmarkets in 2019 will be free of charge
  • The spreads are favourable (for example 1 point for the DAX)
  • Profit from the nextmarkets experience of our German customer support
  • Trade now free of charge on nextmarkets!
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nextmarkets experience with the leverage level in CFD trading

If the share in our example rises by €20, this also means a profit of €20. On the other hand, if you really want to trade at €100, you will not only receive one share CFD, but five. In this case the profit is also quintupled to 100 €. The leverage level for nextmarkets will be in 2019:

  • currency pairs 1:30
  • share indices 1:20
  • Commodities 1:10
  • Individual shares 1:5
  • Crypto currencies 1:2
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nextmarkets experience with the savings CFD

We will now talk about our savings CFD in our nextmarkets Review. You can trade the Spar CFD like a share. Benefit from a performance of 2.1% in 2019 on nextmarkets. The purchase and sale of the Spar CFD is free of charge for you. You are welcome to get to know our savings CFD in a nextmarkets test. Use the nextmarkets experience when it comes to investing profitably in the long term. The Spar CFD is also perfectly suited for those traders who have little time to deal with the stock market.

If, on the other hand, you would like to trade actively, we will show you in our nextmarkets Review what advantages you can expect from us. Our aim is to ensure that your nextmarkets experience is as good as possible.

The favourable trading conditions in the nextmarkets Review

Next, we will discuss the nextmarkets costs in our nextmarkets Review. As a trader, you should pay particular attention to the costs that arise with each trade. Because especially with an expensive broker, these costs can add up considerably at the end of the month. These fees are usually raised by the spread: This is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. The lower this difference is, the more favourable it is for you as a trader.

The fees are regularly convincing in a nextmarkets test: because with us you get very favourable spreads: This becomes clear in the following examples:

  • currency pair Euro / US Dollar: 0.6 pips
  • DAX share index: 1 point
  • Stock index Dow Jones Index: 3 points
  • Precious metal Gold: 0.6 US Dollar
  • Crypto currency Bitcoin: 10 US Dollar
  • Trade crypto currency on nextmarkets
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nextmarkets experience with the fees

As just written in our nextmarkets Review, the spread for the Euro / US Dollar is only 0.6 pips for us. This is very favourable considering that other brokers sometimes charge 1.5 to 3 pips here. The favourable trading conditions of nextmarkets in 2019 are also reflected in the crypto currency Bitcoin: Here, the spread is often between 50 and 200 US dollars. On the other hand, nextmarkets 2019 offers a very low spread of 10 US dollars.

It is also interesting for you to know that we do not charge an inactivity fee for a nextmarkets test. With other brokers, this can be incurred after just a few months: With nextmarkets, on the other hand, you need not worry if you are unable to use your trading account actively for a longer period of time. This makes nextmarkets very customer-friendly.

nextmarkets trading accounts

The next step is to talk about trading accounts in our nextmarkets Review. This gives you as a customer the opportunity to open either a demo account for the nextmarkets test or an account with real money. To do this, you have to click on the “Start now” button at the top right of our website. You can then choose whether to open a demo account or a real money account. During a nextmarkets test, you will find that it only takes about 6 minutes to open an account.

The minimum deposit for a real money account at nextmarkets in 2019 is only 500 €. As you can see, you do not need much capital to start trading. Because we want your nextmarkets experience to be very positive. Next, we will introduce our trading platform to you in the nextmarkets Review.

nextmarkets test of payment methods: Free deposits and withdrawals

The next step in our nextmarkets Review is to talk about payment methods. We offer you different options for deposits and withdrawals: At nextmarkets in 2019 you can use either SEPA transfers or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard). In a nextmarkets review you will find that transactions are fastest when using credit cards.

Furthermore, the following fact is very important in our nextmarkets Review. To ensure that your nextmarkets experience is very positive, we do not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. This also applies regardless of the payment method used. Other brokers, on the other hand, often charge double-digit to three-digit fees. This is very customer-unfriendly, which is why we at nextmarkets have deliberately decided against this method. Therefore, you can deposit or withdraw money at nextmarkets at any time in 2019 and do not have to worry about any fees.

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Did you know?

With nextmarkets in 2019 you have the opportunity to use Curated Investing free of charge. Coaches can display their trades directly in the nextmarkets trading platform, which makes trading very easy.

  • Every month, the experts will provide you with up to 200 suggestions for interesting trades
  • As shown in the nextmarkets Review, Curated Investing is seamlessly integrated into the trading platform

nextmarkets experience with the usability of the website

Next, we look at the usability of the website in our nextmarkets review. Often you can already tell from the internet offer of a broker whether you are dealing with a customer-friendly and reputable company. As a customer, you should pay particular attention to whether the site is clearly and transparently designed. The nextmarkets website was therefore designed with exactly these aspects in mind. In a nextmarkets test you will find that you can reach the following points via the navigation menu: Here’s how it works, products, log in, start now.

Under “Products” you will find information on the tradable underlyings as well as the costs and fees at nextmarkets in 2019. Our nextmarkets Review therefore shows that we are very transparent when it comes to our trading conditions. Therefore, nextmarkets fraud can be excluded.

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nextmarkets experience with customer support

Now we come to our customer support. During a nextmarkets test you will find that you can contact our competent support staff via the contact form on the website. This way you will usually receive an answer to your request very quickly. On the other hand, nextmarkets in 2019 will also give you the opportunity to contact support by telephone (German hotline).

This is a special feature in that many other brokers are currently making cuts at this very point. In a comprehensible way, this should save costs. However, in our experience, questions and possible problems can still be clarified fastest with a competent support employee on the phone. For this reason, we at nextmarkets in 2019 are offering you the opportunity to contact us by telephone.

nextmarkets test of the additional offers

At this point we will discuss the additional offers in our nextmarkets Review. Among the nextmarkets Bonus Offers, for example, there are many guidebook articles dealing with trading. In this way, our nextmarkets experience shows that even as a beginner, it is easy for you to familiarise yourself with stock exchange trading. We cover a wide range of topics: Basics of CFD trading at nextmarkets in 2019, application of technical analysis and trading with stock indices, currencies and crypto-currencies.

As already mentioned in our nextmarkets Review, we also offer Curated Investing. The use of coaches will not incur any additional costs for you on nextmarkets in 2019. You also have the opportunity to try out trading without risk on our free demo account. We will go into this point in more detail in our nextmarkets Review.

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nextmarkets experience with the free demo account

To gain experience with nextmarkets, you can open a free demo account. With such a nextmarkets test, you will already be provided with real courses. Trading with CFDs at nextmarkets in 2019 can be simulated very well. However, trading on the demo account does not take place with real money. To gain experience at nextmarkets, virtual credit is available to you instead. In this way you have the opportunity to test trading without risk.

Also worth mentioning in our nextmarkets Review is the fact that you will already have access to the coaches on the demo account at nextmarkets in 2019. In addition, the nextmarkets Test is also ideal for you to familiarise yourself with our trading platform at your leisure. As our demo account is not limited in time, you will have enough time for the nextmarkets Test and to gain a lot of nextmarkets experience.

nextmarkets experience with regulation

The next step is to talk about regulation in our nextmarkets Review. The domicile of the company plays an important role in the question of whether and by which state authority a broker is regulated. For example, you should always listen carefully when a broker has its headquarters outside the European Union (EU). Because in this case, the EU directives and regulations, which are intended to protect consumers, do not apply. EU law, for example, stipulates that client funds must be kept separate from the company’s other assets.

In a nextmarkets test you will find that we are based in Malta and therefore in the EU. Therefore the European laws also apply to us. For example, nextmarkets will be regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority in 2019.

Gain nextmarkets experience with our free demo account

We have introduced ourselves in detail in this nextmarkets Review. Our nextmarkets test showed that you have the possibility to trade a large number of CFDs on different underlying assets. Our nextmarkets Review also showed that the costs of nextmarkets are low in 2019. This applies both to the spreads and, for example, the free deposits and withdrawals. Our aim is to ensure that your nextmarkets experience is as good as possible.

Thanks to our nextmarkets Review you will also know how you can benefit from Curated Investing with us. Even if you are just starting to trade, you can already start trading now thanks to our coaches. nextmarkets will not leave you alone with your trading, you can benefit from the nextmarkets experience. To test trading at nextmarkets in 2019 without risk, you can open a free demo account.

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