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Last updated: 28.02.2023
Andreas Müller
Andreas Müller
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Online brokers enable beginners to start trading financial products such as CFDs. High returns are possible, but not guaranteed, and brokers do not always point out the risks – or support their clients in their first steps in CFD trading.

In addition, there are certainly black sheep among brokers, those of which are not always clearly visible to beginners. However, we at nextmarkets cannot be accused of fraud or unseriousness. Our company is completely transparent in its structures and business conditions and even gives instructions for trading in contracts for difference with the concept of Curated Investing Traders.

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nextmarkets: Serious with European regulation

The most important criteria for evaluating a broker are financial transparency and security. What happens to customer deposits? How and where are they managed? At nextmarkets we attach great importance to communicating all important information to our traders in a clear and concise manner. The company structure is just as clear. Behind the brokerage offering is the German FinTech, nextmarkets GmbH in Cologne, as the parent company, while the actual trading is handled by nextmarkets Trading Limited, a subsidiary based in Malta.

  • Innovative German FinTech
  • Complete transparency
  • Maltese regulation

So our traders have the advantages of a dedicated customer service with good accessibility and a Maltese regulation by the supervisory authority MFSA. As Malta is a member state of the EU, the binding guidelines of the European Market Authority ensure a high security standard for clients of Maltese CFD brokers. This is an indicator that you can rule out fraud at nextmarkets.

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No rip-offs: How nextmarkets secures your capital

Thanks to Maltese regulation, you can be sure that nextmarkets works seriously. EU regulations also extend to Malta, so CFD brokers based on the islands must manage their clients’ funds separately. Their capital is held in segregated accounts and is of course strictly separated from nextmarkets’ capital. Even in the unlikely event that nextmarkets became insolvent, creditors could not touch your money.

In addition, we offer a deposit protection insurance of up to £100,000 for UK customers under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

But we also provide you with additional protection. The previously widespread danger that traders could end up in the red with their trading account and then get heavily indebted to the broker has not without good reason been repeatedly castigated as a rip-off. Here too: no nextmarkets fraud!

nextmarkets - Fraud in additional payments does not exist

The so-called margin call was a high risk, especially for inexperienced traders. As a European regulated broker, nextmarkets adheres to the requirement that we close your positions immediately if your trading account threatens to slide into the red. This means that you cannot get into debt and at most, you will lose the capital on your trading account. You yourself decide how much capital you want to lose.

As far as the leverage you can use for trading is concerned, nextmarkets is also subject to the limits of the European market supervisory authority. To protect private investors, extremely high leverage of up to 400:1 for non-professional traders has been prohibited since August 2018. At nextmarkets, you can trade CFDs with the applicable maximum leverage in accordance with the asset class, i.e. at maximum leverage of 30:1. If you prefer, you can also do it without leverage altogether. And of course, an essential part of the coaching is the work on risk management. We make every effort to ensure that you can rule out nextmarkets fraud with confidence.

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Serious offer with well-known management

It is not always possible to identify the heads behind the offer on the internet presence of a broker. This is something we want to change here at nextmarkets. Behind the innovative concept of Curated Investing are well-known figures: Our CEO Manuel Heyden has considerable experience in investment banking and the FinTech sector, while his brother Dominic is the head of the IT department. Both brothers have been trying for years to find an approach that makes learning to trade possible. They were already successful with the platform ayando, a social trading portal, which made a name for itself in 2008.

While ayando only allowed successful traders to follow and copy their strategies, the idea behind nextmarkets GmbH is even more ambitious. Because with us you can learn from well-known experts from the world of stock exchange trading and investment. 14 experts with different focuses and strategies let you look over their shoulders and learn in this way.

Fact Check

nextmarkets brings together transparent corporate and cost structures and European regulation by the Maltese Financial Supervisory Authority. We put the facts on the table so that you do not have to fear fraud at nextmarkets. Our offer and our conditions are completely transparent and serious.

  • Regulation and deposit insurance according to EU regulations
  • German parent company
  • Support through coaching, no obligation to make additional contributions
  • Trade free of charge on nextmarkets
  • Learn forex trading

Curated investing with nextmarkets

Right from the initial question “How to become a broker”, nextmarkets has set itself the goal of meeting the demands of its customers. Coaching by financial experts is the unique selling proposition of nextmarkets and we are extremely proud that this offer sets us apart from other CFD brokers. Our traders learn from experts. The coaches provide up to 200 free analyses per month. The background to trading decisions, entry and exit times and limits are clearly communicated so that you can understand why a coach is following a particular strategy.

You can immediately form your own opinion that fraud is definitely not an issue at nextmarkets, because you can also benefit from the analyses of the coaches with the free, unlimited demo account from nextmarkets. Follow the analyses in the chart and experience trading in a new way that makes learning easier. We don’t make any assumptions in the demo, because we are serious about what we do.

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nextmarkets wants to make trading easier for you

We at nextmarkets have found that newcomers do not want to dig through confusing account and fee structures. Complicated business models, numerous account types and conditions with lots of ifs and buts cannot be called rip-offs, but they do make life unnecessarily difficult for beginners. In contrast, nextmarkets wants to make it easier for you to get started in CFD trading and not give suspected nextmarkets fraud a chance. This is why we only have one account, our exchange software is intuitive to use and you will understand the nextmarkets costs right away. And that’s all there is to it. Because with us you should expand your trading knowledge instead of having to deal with the business models of CFD brokers.

You will find all relevant information on our website. Our coaches support you with their analyses. In addition, we provide you with more than 15 hours of video material and the nextmarkets School webinars.

Versatile training offers - no nextmarkets fraud

nextmarkets lets its content and conditions speak for themselves. This includes the videos with which we would like to give you the background to various important topics in a differentiated way. Besides the operation of the trading software and the special features of the individual asset classes, our traders can learn more about

  • Risk management
  • Day trading and medium or long-term strategies
  • Entries and exits and indicator analyses

The exclusive videos of the nextmarkets Trading School complement the analyses of the coaches and are rounded off by webinars. Up-to-date information is provided by our newsletter, which keeps you up to date on events and trends in the financial world. You can already take advantage of a lot with the free demo account. We would like to give you the opportunity to convince yourself that there is no nextmarkets fraud or rip-off in any form. You enter real money trading when you feel ready and convinced.

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Test nextmarkets as long as you like

In order to rule out the possibility that nextmarkets could be accused of fraud from the outset, we completely refrain from pushing you to close trades in any form. For this reason, we do not offer a nextmarkets bonus to encourage you to set up a trading account quickly. Instead, with the nextmarkets demo account you can test our services without any obligation – for as long as you like. All you need to do to register is enter an e-mail address and a password of your choice.

There is no nextmarkets fraud with the demo account either. The demo is free of charge and with risk-free virtual credits added to your account, you can not only trade but also follow the analyses of the coaches and thus convince yourself that there is no nextmarkets fraud. There are no time limits at nextmarkets – use the demo account as long as you like. We think it is serious that you prepare well before you invest your capital.

No nextmarkets rip-offs on costs either

When you then feel ready to open a real money account, you will find that we are also very straightforward in this respect. All you will find is a trading account model. We cover our costs via the spread, which you only pay when you actually place an order. The size of the spread depends on the asset class of the underlying of a CFD. All spreads are listed on the nextmarkets website and are rated as favourable by users and the trade press. As we do not pocket money, the suspicion of nextmarkets fraud is unfounded.

Another area in which nextmarkets fraud could not be accused under any circumstances is the deposits and withdrawals on the trading account. Not only do we waive fees, we also do not set time limits and minimum amounts, especially for withdrawals. This makes us quite a bit out of the ordinary. Because especially with withdrawals it can come to the rip-off of the traders.

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Your winnings are yours: Payout without nextmarkets fraud

You can overlook the returns you achieve with your trading activities in your customer area. Here you can also arrange for withdrawals to your reference account whenever you wish. Unlike many brokers, where payouts are charged always or after one to three free payouts per month, with nextmarkets you can dispose of your capital, even on a daily basis. The only real limitation is the current positions and their required safety margin. Capital in excess of these required amounts is considered free capital and can be paid out.

We do not want to reduce your profits or be accused of fraud by nextmarkets. However, the payment service provider of your choice may charge fees under certain circumstances. You can capitalise your trading account with nextmarkets with VISA, Mastercard or SEPA transfer and should therefore check in advance how you can process deposits and withdrawals as cost-effectively as possible.

Dedicated administration, expert customer service

The quality of customer support is a criterion for the quality of a financial service provider. Anyone who likes to take customers’ money, but is then not responsive to problems, must put up with the accusation of rip-offs. The same applies to providers who already start to persuade potential new customers to sign up with a demo account – we do not want fraud to be suspected at nextmarkets, so we feel that you are welcome to contact us if you need us. You can do this by contacting us via our online form – this can usually be found at the bottom of the page. We aim to get back in touch as soon as possible, so you’re not left waiting hours to make that all-important trade.

Alternatively, you can consult our in-depth FAQ guide. Here, we’ve compiled all the most common questions from account set-up to making trades – ideal for both new and existing nextmarkets users.

Did you know?

nextmarkets is a provider that can be contacted effortlessly. All information about the company is open, our terms and conditions contain no hidden costs. As nextmarkets is serious, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started, also through transparency.

  • Only one trading account
  • You only pay the spreads
  • Training offers and newsletters provide you with comprehensive information
  • Trade now free of charge on nextmarkets!
  • Forex Demo Account
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No nextmarkets scam: We inform you about risks

Trading with contracts for differences can be learned. That is our business model. The financial products themselves are simple and easy to understand, even for beginners. Nevertheless, they are considered to be risk products, especially as there is the possibility of trading with leverage. Leverage multiplies not only returns but also losses. Beginners who do not use adequate risk management often make losses.

This can lead to the broker, in this case nextmarkets, being accused of fraud. Therefore we do not only want to inform our traders all around, but also support and educate them. The risk information on our website is required by law – our coaching offer goes beyond this. With the unique Curated Investment we want to realize the idea that CFD trading can be learned through coaching just like any other skill.

What the trade press says about nextmarkets: fraud is not mentioned

When it comes to determining whether a broker such as nextmarkets could be subject to fraud, the opinion of the trade press is just as important as the evaluation by users. We are no exception. We initially subjected the coaching offer to a test phase; the platform has only been available in its current functionality since 2018.

The fact that we already received an award as “Best Forex Broker” by the web portal Asktraders in February 2019 shows us that we are on the right track and are also rated as serious by the trade press. The opinion of our traders is also positive. However, we are not resting on our laurels, but are constantly working on improving our offer and services, for example with the savings CFD, which allows serious investments at good interest rates directly from the trading account with nextmarkets.

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We do not need bonuses: No rip-offs with discount campaigns

Quite a few brokers, especially providers with a location outside Europe, advertise with deposit bonuses, discounts and other promotions. You will search in vain for such offers at nextmarkets. We rely on the persuasiveness of our services, above all on the fact that with the demo account you can test Curated Investing without obligation under the guidance of our coaches. We consider the transparent costs and clear structures to be the real bonus for our customers, as is our educational offer.

We don’t want to tempt our traders to make high stakes in the short term by promising deposit bonuses on high volumes, as this would expose us to the accusation of nextmarket fraud. Instead, we focus on long-term customer loyalty through satisfied traders who, thanks to the coaching, venture into real money trading safely and well prepared.

Conclusion: nextmarkets fraud does not have to be feared by traders

As a customer of nextmarkets you will not be pushed or lured into making any investments you’re not sure on. Our business approach is completely different – because we rely on our services to speak for themselves. In order to exclude nextmarkets fraud, you have the opportunity to find out about all facets of our business. This includes regulatory and legal conditions, company locations and management.

We are also serious when it comes to setting fees – you only pay spreads and can check them on the website. We want to spare you unpleasant surprises in the form of hidden costs and reduced returns through payout fees, while at the same time offering comprehensive coaching with Curated Investing. You can try all of this out first, as part of the free demo account, which is not limited in time. See for yourself that fraud is completely excluded at nextmarkets.

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