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Last updated: 20.05.2020
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Sign up for a free demo account with nextmarkets today and learn all the tricks of successful share trading. You benefit from the expert tips and insight provided by our professional coaches and can learn all the ins and outs of dealing shares in a real-time environment using €10,000 virtual funding in your demo account.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to trade shares but were worried about going it alone, nextmarkets is the platform for you. Experienced share traders also benefit from the in-depth company analysis and regular share buying tips offered by nextmarkets coaches.

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Online share trading is a breeze with nextmarkets

The nextmarkets online stock broker platform offers new and experienced share traders the coaching and deep insight needed for buying and selling shares on global markets. Online share trading UK can be a rewarding and exciting activity, offering you lots of fun and a lucrative sideline or profitable business venture.

With the help of detailed financial analysis and trading tips from the professional coaching team at nextmarkets, it’s easy to build an extensive portfolio of high-performing and valuable shares in the sort of businesses that will continue to grow in value and profitability. This platform is cutting edge technology for seamless trading.

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Learn all about share trading UK markets

Signing up for a nextmarkets demo account makes it easy for inexperienced share traders to learn all about share trading. UK markets can be very volatile and novice share dealers really need to learn all the ins and outs of buying or selling shares. That’s where our expert coaching excels.

Your demo account is pre-loaded with €10,000 dummy funds so you can experience the buzz of share trading in real time, without any associated risks. You benefit from dozens of tips and buying ideas from the financial analysts at nextmarkets each month, making it simple to trade shares in real time from your mobile device or desktop.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to buy shares and find out more about global stock markets, partner with the experts at nextmarkets today and benefit from expert tuition and valuable share trading tips and ideas.

Online share trading, UK and global markets

When you sign up with nextmarkets you will benefit from essential lessons for share trading UK and global stock markets. Our coaches provide valuable tips on global shares and all the education you need for identifying promising shares in European, US and UK stock markets.

It’s really simple to buy and sell shares on our intuitive trading platform and you’ll soon learn how to identify a bull market to maximise the profits you make on share purchases. When shares are bullish they rapidly increase in value, and our experienced coaches provide you with the guidance needed to buy shares at a low price so you can achieve higher profits when you sell.

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Building a portfolio of shares

Building a portfolio of shares to hold over the long term is a recognised way of creating wealth. Between October 1987 and October 2017, the total value of all the shares held in the UK’s FTSE All-Share Index increased by more than 1,800%.

Opening a nextmarkets share trading account gives you all the advantages associated with operating a traditional stockbroker account, because the analysis from our expert financiers is to hand 24/7 to guide your share dealing decisions. This makes it far easier for you to identify the high-performing shares that will be more attractive investments over the long term.

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There are lots of different stock markets in the world, including:

  • The Dow Jones and NASDAQ in the United States
  • Tokyo Stock Exchange
  •  Frankfurt Stock Exchange
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How can I build wealth by trading shares?

As stated above, it is an easy matter to build wealth when you trade shares online with nextmarkets. You can build up your portfolio to hold over a long period of time. This way, you benefit from growth in the value of your shares alongside share dividends, which are often paid to shareholders each year. The dividend payment will be based on the profits shown in the annual trading accounts, so will vary year-on-year.

Dividend payments will be credited to your nextmarkets trading account balance and you can make the decision of whether to invest the cash in more shares or withdraw it. The other way to build wealth by share trading is to buy shares when prices are low and sell them when their price peaks. Making the decision to sell shares can be difficult for novice investors, which is why the advice of our coaches is so valuable.

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Benefits of share trading online

There are many benefits to trading shares online with nextmarkets. One of the main advantages is the cost of trades when compared to traditional fees charged by stockbrokers. Some added benefits of share trading online with nextmarkets include:

  • instant share buying and selling at your fingertips
  • top-rated tips and analysis from expert coaches
  • superb video tutorials and guidelines to make dealing shares easier
  • simple, intuitive trading platform with easy access to charts and analysis from the pros

Register for a demo trading account on nextmarkets today and find out just how simple trading shares actually is.

Choosing the best performing shares

Once you’ve set up an active or dummy share trading account at nextmarkets, you can benefit from professional coaching so that choosing the best performing shares becomes really easy. Let our experts guide and educate you on ways to choose shares that are likely to show better returns than the norm.

You will learn how to assess a business and research all factors likely to impact on future growth and profitability. Once you’ve selected the shares in which you’re interested, it’s an easy matter to add them to the watch list in your nextmarkets dashboard so you can choose the best time to buy. Shares prices fluctuate throughout the day, so the shares you’re watching could well start the day high but drop to a much lower price in a matter of hours.

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Will I get share certificates when I buy shares with nextmarkets?

If you’re still wondering what are shares exactly and how to make money on them, then take time to educate yourself at nextmarkets. Owning shares in any company makes you a part-owner of the business, and it used to be the case that all shareholders received share certificates as proof of ownership of their shares.

This is not the case now; shares tend to be held electronically. You still have the right to attend Annual General Meetings for any businesses in which you own shares and will also receive any dividend payments due on the shares you own. Holding shares electronically makes it far easier to trade shares and online share dealing is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to do so.

Investing in stock market shares with nextmarkets

Partnering with nextmarkets gives you access to our stock broker app, so you can trade efficiently and easily from your smartphone or mobile device any time, any place. Once you’ve learned all the basics, you’ll discover it’s really simple to buy and sell the shares you want, when you want. Our sophisticated trading app allows you to trade in a matter of seconds, in real conditions.

You also benefit from the market analysis and trading knowledge of our professional coaches and it’s easy to follow their trades across a range of different markets using our high tech app. You can also use our app to benefit from online tutorials and videos to grow your stock market knowledge and develop more confidence in your own trading decisions.

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What are the UK Stock Exchange and all the different stock markets?

The London Stock Exchange is the UK’s main stock market and it consists of the FTSE 100 Index, the FTSE 250 Index and the FTSE All-Share Index. You will discover it’s really easy to access real-time UK share prices using our intuitive share trading app and will soon learn how to execute share buying and selling deals with ease.

Sign up for our demo account to discover more about buying shares in UK stock markets and benefit from our expert tips and share buying suggestions. The app is designed to mirror the desktop versions as much as possible.

Common shares terminology

If you’re confused by common shares terminology, you’re in good company as many people don’t have the foggiest idea what a bear market is or understand what a PE ratio is. As you work your way through our simple guidelines and tutorials you will learn far more about shares and develop the confidence to execute your own deals.

You will get a real buzz from investing in stock markets and partnering with nextmarkets means you can trade in major US and European stock markets as well as the UK Stock Exchange. Once you’ve had a quick read through our glossary, you’ll be able to talk like a true trader.

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Did you know?

There are many factors influencing the upwards or downwards movement of share prices. These include:

  • the prevailing economy both nationally and globally
  • a company’s financial results or profits announcements
  • newsworthy sector-specific changes

Investing in shares is fun and exciting

When you sign up for our demo account you’ll discover that investing in shares is fun and can give you a real high. You can keep a continual watchful eye on the prices of your shares, so if markets do start to falter just one quick swipe is all you need to sell your shares. Our high tech stock trading software makes it so easy for anybody with a smartphone to deal shares.

So, if you’ve always dreamed about trading on global stock market, take the time to learn how to trade using our professional coaching and dummy funding in your demo account. Our coaches offer lots of buying tips throughout the month and you can easily follow their trading tips using the nextmarkets app.

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How do online stock brokers make their money?

One of the main reasons many punters fail to invest in stocks and shares is the high commissions and charges levied by traditional stock brokers. The benefit of share trading software and online trading platforms is that they make dealing shares far more affordable for normal people. Of course online stock brokers have to charge clients a fee for their services, however, this is minimal compared to traditional stock brokers.

So, if you’re wondering just how online stock brokers make their money, you will discover they either charge a commission on all sales and purchases or a flat rate charge. These costs are much lower than the fees banks or traditional stock brokers charge for their share dealing services.

Some examples of shares in UK indices

You can invest in a range of popular shares when you team up with nextmarkets for all your dealing. Some examples of shares you can buy that are quoted in the UK stock exchange include:

  • Marks & Spencer
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Next Plc
  • Rolls Royce Holdings plc
  • BT

You may be wondering, what are stocks and how do they differ from shares? In all honesty, stocks are just the plural form for a bunch of shares. So, if you own a portfolio of shares in different companies you could refer to them as your stocks. If you are referring to a particular shareholding in a company like Boots plc, you might refer to them as your Boots shares.

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What share price do I pay at nextmarkets?

Trial out our demo account to find out exactly how to operate an account at nextmarkets. You’ll see that the share price you pay each time you buy shares will fluctuate all the time the stock market is trading. The price you pay for your shares is the real-time trading price shown on the stock market plus any commission charge. Practise trading in shares with our demo account funding to see how it’s easily possible to profit from buying and selling shares, even in just one day.

You just need to factor in the charges levied for buying and selling, but if you select a share that’s peaking in price it is possible to achieve financial success in just a few hours. For example, when Porsche announced it owned over 70% of Volkswagen shares in 2008, the share price leapt by up to 93% in one single day.

Experience the highs of share trading today

You may not be fortunate enough to invest in the next Volkswagen-style share deal but teaming up with nextmarkets means you have all the advantages of professional coaching and market analysis to rely on. It may take some time to build up a valuable portfolio of stocks, but your coaching team at nextmarkets is at your side at all times along the way.

Investing in shares is less risky when you have professional coaches to help you make your buying and selling decisions. We understand just how exciting the highs of share trading can be, so we offer beginners and experienced share traders a variety of tips and analyses to inform their share trading.

Sign up for the nextmarkets trading account now

If you want to learn all about stocks and shares for beginners, you will appreciate all the benefits of learning at your own pace with nextmarkets. Our professional coaches are at your side to help you learn about dealing shares, so you can gain confidence in your own buying decisions or follow the share dealing tips offered.

Experienced share traders will discover that the benefits of our Pro trading account make dealing even more affordable. If you want to conduct online share trading, sign up for a demo account with nextmarkets today and discover how easy it is to buy and sell shares like a pro.

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