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Last updated: 20.05.2020
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It’s really simple to buy and sell shares online when you team up with the top online broker nextmarkets for our CFD offering. Even if you’ve never traded before, the online learning and coaching provided by this modern trading platform offer you the ability to trade like a pro.

You will learn everything needed for buying and selling with confidence in global stock markets and develop your own trading strategies and best practice learnt from top investors. If you’ve often queried what are shares and want to learn more about the exciting world of share trading, take time to browse our site further.

Experienced share traders benefit from in-depth analysis and trading tools to ensure share purchases and sales are executed with precision. So, if you’ve always wanted to trade shares, learn more on our informative website.

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Why not learn how to buy and sell shares UK?

Learning how to buy and sell shares in the UK across all the relevant stock markets is an exciting knowledge curve. At nextmarkets, our coaches and online tutorials will guide your CFD share trading education and teach you everything you need to know to pursue a profitable and enjoyable pastime which can make a real difference to your lifestyle over time.

If you’re already experienced and know how to buy and sell shares, you’ll find that analyst coaching from nextmarkets takes your investing strategies to another level entirely. Qualified financial experts provide regular assistance to succeed in trading UK shares and CFDs and help you build confidence in your decisions.

You can trade UK shares as CFDs in real time from a mobile device or laptop to build and hold your own extensive share portfolio or profit from making astute buying and selling decisions over a day or two.

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Choosing what shares to buy and sell

Whether you’re completely new to the arena of share trading or already have some experience in the stock market, it pays to heed advice on the market. You can start by taking advantage of the trading ideas offered by professional coaches online, which provides opportunities to benefit from learned advice. You’re probably worried about choosing what shares to buy and sell, but when you begin to watch follow seasoned pros at work, you will find those who have similar interests to your own.

You will also learn how to rapidly profit from stocks on days when they show steep gains and losses. All of this is possible at nextmarkets, where our CFD experts help you identify the times when global economies are growing or contracting and offer ideas on the best shares to buy and sell at these times. Open a demo stockbroker account today to find out more.

Choosing the right shares to buy and sell today

How do you know which are the right shares to buy or sell today? This requires close analysis of market movements, political and economic conditions around the world and events occurring within the company you’re invested in. Integral to this is being able to read situations as they unfold in real time, consulting charts and analyses, and following hot investment tips. Thanks to the digital age, you can get all this via your mobile phone.

Registering for CFD share trading with nextmarkets means our expert analysts offer you valuable insights into the best shares to buy today. What’s more, our valuable learning videos and tutorials provide the valuable knowledge needed to succeed in modern stock markets. You can expect our coaches to provide you with tips on the sort of undervalued shares likely to display high revenue growth to help max your investment profits to the full.

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Get started with global share trading

If you’re curious about investing, you’ve probably wondered “How do I buy and sell shares online?” This is actually relatively straightforward. First, you need to decide on a global share trading account that is safe, reliable and offers competitive spreads. Ensure you do due diligence by checking the security of their site and read testimonials from verified users. Next, set up an account and determine how much money you’d like to get started with before transferring any money.

You will also need to check out if there are any minimum deposit amounts. Now you can view all the markets, stocks and shares available, and purchase the ones you want through the platform. It’s a good idea to choose a demo share trading account like nextmarkets that lets you trade using virtual funds as you master the art of CFD trading. With us, you can also start trading with as little as 500 EUR.

Furthermore, signing up for a share trading account with nextmarkets provides the best way to sell your shares in the most profitable manner. Our experts highlight the stock market changes and regular news you need to ensure your share dealings are timely and gauged at the most appropriate periods. Once you’ve learned how to trade with nextmarkets you won’t want to switch to any other online broker. Our personal coaching offers you the essential trading knowledge and insight required to deal on global stock markets with confidence and ease.

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Ready to give your portfolio a boost? Check out these useful share trading facts:

  • nextmarkets offers top analytics to simplify decision-making
  • Over 1,000 CFDs across shares, indices, bonds, commodities, and more
  • Traders enjoy favourable spreads which lower costs
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Buy and sell shares quickly and profitably

It’s an easy matter to buy and sell shares online when you partner with the experienced CFD financial coaching team at nextmarkets. Our astute investing coaches can guide the execution of all your CFD trades to help you achieve your goals. What’s more, our low commissions mean you get to keep even more cash from every trade!

If you are new to trading you can benefit from a nextmarkets demo trading account with €10,000 of dummy funding and all the coaching support needed to teach you about trading online. If you already hold share certificates or shares with another broker, get in touch today to find out all the ways you can benefit from our low commissions on the trading of CFDs.

Global share trading for increased profitability

Investing via a global trading app gives you the opportunity to access a variety of tradeable stock markets, including the UK stock markets, US stock markets and major European stock markets. This means you can trade virtually any time of day or night, giving you every chance to benefit from daily trading. If you follow predictions made by industry pros and learn to read the market signs, you will begin to feel more confident trading at high rates.

At nextmarkets, our high-tech stockbroker app lets you copy trades made by seasoned investors that you like the look of, so you can make maximum gains and profitability. Our sophisticated trading tools and updates can help inform your share trading, and you’ll soon discover global CFD share trading really does increase your opportunities to benefit from investing in some of the fastest growing businesses in the world.

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Finding the good shares to buy and sell

Making any decision on good shares to buy and sell can be difficult for new traders – even with CFDs – and even experienced share dealers struggle with this. With the support of our knowledgeable analysts and our real-time share trading app, you’ll develop the confidence needed to make instant decisions in the smartest possible way. Making the right decision on the shares to buy means having a handle on trading and understanding just how volatile stock markets can be.

Our coaches help you develop the insider knowledge of stock markets needed for successful trading and partner with you throughout the entire process. If you’re unsure whether to jump right in and buy shares straight away, you can sit back and watch different shares before making your decisions. Once you decide to buy or sell any share, a couple of clicks will execute an immediate trading action at the prices displayed on stock markets at the time.

Buy or sell shares with professional coaching tips

Learning how to trading online is remarkably easy when you team with nextmarkets for coaching and education in smart investing techniques in CFDs. You will find it’s a simple matter to trade with just a few clicks. What’s more, trading on our high-tech platform means you’ve got access to real-time trades from desktops, laptops and mobile devices 24/7.

Smart analysis from our team of coaches provides curated investment tips to guide and inform your decisions on share purchases and sales, making it easier for you to learn all the tricks of online trading using a free demo broker account pre-loaded with €10,000. You still benefit from trading ideas when you’re practising with demo funds, and there’s no commitment to gear up to a fully funded trading account with nextmarkets.

Deciding which shares to buy?

Share prices go up and down throughout the day. When the stock market is bullish you can rely on our coaches to provide tips on the best shares to buy now, so you can turn a quick profit within a day or two. If you plan to buy and hold shares, industry experts can offer the detailed analysis and forward thinking needed to improve your trading decisions and create a valuable portfolio.

The FTSE 100 index has virtually doubled in price in the ten years to 2018, while shares in the technology giant Apple have increased by a massive 1,600% since 2008. It’s easy to see that if you buy the right CFD shares at the best time you could benefit immensely and nextmarkets coaches do their very best to assist you in learning how to do this.

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Building a valuable shares portfolio

It’s quick and easy to start building a portfolio with our coaching team. What’s more, we offer the support needed to make the best decisions on selling shares at the time prices peak. If you plan to build wealth by investing regularly in CFDs that you will hold on to then take all the time needed to learn from our experts, watch our video tutorials and benefit from the nuggets of wisdom shared throughout the investing month.

You can consult our guides and video tutorials to learn more about building a portfolio and check out the numbers of different shares you should aim to hold and typical investment values. You can watch your shares portfolio increase in value using our intuitive stock trader software, or share trader software and our skilled experts provide advice at times when you are most likely to benefit from selling your shares.

Find out where to buy shares

The best way to find out where to buy shares is to keep abreast of the latest developments in the market, within companies as well as industry sectors. Traditionally this was done by reading the press or more recently by subscribing to online blogs, news and social media channels. Now, it’s more effective to get live updates from trading experts.

Our nextmarkets CFD coaches offer all essential support for the best time to buy shares in UK and global markets. You can grow your wealth steadily and take advantage of our ideas and recommendations to source shares in underperforming companies likely to achieve higher prices. You’re not just limited to the UK stock exchange either, and our professionals help you grow your knowledge of global stock markets and the sorts of businesses you prefer to invest in.

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Withdraw daily profits from share trading

If the roller coaster excitement of investing in quick trades which will create virtually instant profits is what you’re seeking, trading ideas from our analysts will improve your decisions. We send out hundreds of detailed investment analyses each month, all selected by our experts. Your regular share trading will produce consistently better results when you take advantage of daily trading suggestions from our experts.

Check out our useful Demo account today and learn just how you can profit from daily share trades with the experts at nextmarkets. If you’re looking to sell your shares on a daily basis and make regular withdrawals from your nextmarkets CFD trading account, let our coaches show you how. You’ll achieve a real education in stocks and shares for beginners when you sign up for a nextmarkets demo account.

Real-time updates on what shares to buy and sell now

It’s so easy to make decisions on what shares to buy and sell now with our CFD share trading platform. You have the advantage of a nextmarkets coach at your side at all times. Partnering with nextmarkets for your global trading activities means you’re never isolated in what can be a frightening financial environment for new traders. The stock market can be extremely volatile.

One minute, share prices in a particular company rise steeply, an hour later they could be plummeting like a stone. With the assistance of our coaches you’ll be more equipped to buy shares at the time they’re starting to rise and sell them well before any steep drops. If you’re already experienced in trading shares but just want to take advantage of our expert advice to inform you about the best shares to buy and sell on a regular basis, then register for a nextmarkets Pro trading account today.

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Did you know?

You’re one step closer to accessing the global stock markets via nextmarkets. But did you know these trading facts?

  • nextmarkets offers a free demo account with a dummy trading balance of EUR 10,000 to get started
  • When it comes to CFD variety, nextmarkets has it all
  • Trading through nextmarkets includes access to a mobile trading app for on-the-go trades

How to buy shares UK & US

You used to only be able to buy CFDs by contacting an offline stockbroker. Nowadays, however, it can be done more easily online, and the benefit is you get real-time updates on how your shares are performing. First, you will need to find a broker and establish an account with them. Next, you will be able to view the market opportunities available, add funds and make a purchase.

The price of each share is determined based on a number of criteria, but mostly the demand and availability of shares. Learning how to buy shares UK wide and beyond is even easier with the nextmarkets trading platform and mobile app. You will receive the very latest company analysis direct to your device or laptop, so you can decide instantly whether to invest and build a valuable portfolio of UK company shares or keep the business on your watch list.

The US Dow Jones S&P 500 Index increased by over 180% in the ten years to 2018, so canny investors over the past few years will have made sizeable profits. What’s more, if you’re an experienced share trader and wondering where to buy shares, take a look at the Pro trading account available from nextmarkets and benefit from outstanding company analysis that will ensure your deals go up a gear or two.

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How to buy shares in a company

Wondering how to buy shares in a company in the UK or globally? One of the most important considerations is whether the price will rise. You don’t want to be lumbered with shares that lose value. Taking on board the advice provided by skilled analysts available from nextmarkets reduces your share trading risks significantly. Once you’ve made the decision to buy a certain number of shares at a price you’re happy with, just one click on our live trading platform actions your trading order immediately. The nextmarkets platform offers CFD trading, which allow a far broader approach to share trading.

Just so long as you have available funds in your account, your trading takes place in real time at the prices displayed on global stock markets. Take advantage of our demo trading account to learn more about executing buy or sell orders for shares online. And, if you’re already an experienced trader check out all the benefits of our outstanding Pro account today.

Switch from a broker and learn to buy and sell shares online

If you normally buy CFDs from a broker, you’ll discover the speed you can trade online just cannot be matched. Instant alerts to your laptop or mobile device mean you’re always advised at the time global stock markets are performing at peak levels. So, when the Dow Jones is rising to significant heights or the FTSE 100 market is at a high level, you can quickly execute orders to ensure you benefit from these price hikes at the right time. New traders in stocks and shares will find the learning curve associated with trading shares online is smooth and hassle-free once they get to grips with all the tools and indicators offered on the nextmarkets trading platform.

It’s really true to say that buying and selling shares is a breeze with nextmarkets because you’re partnering with professionals. Our high-tech trading platform provides all essential tools to ensure you’re up to speed with share prices and global markets in real time.

You will discover our trading platform offers an intuitive interface to guide your share buying and selling decisions and provide the intensive financial education and learning to help you trade like a pro. It’s very easy for you to copy our suggested trades, with just one click of a button. And when you need updated share prices at your fingertips you can rely on nextmarkets to give you all the data required.

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How do I buy and sell shares online?

If you’re asking yourself how do I buy and sell shares, it couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve decided which CFDs on shares to buy / sell and how many, you just need to place a buying / selling order to purchase your shares at the current stock exchange price. If the underlying stock market is closed when you make your trading decision, your purchase or sale will be actioned at the commencement of trading on the next working day.

Unsure? Try it yourself with a nextmarkets demo trading account. We walk you through all the education and tuition needed to understand the trading charts on our platform. Our expert analysis helps inform your decisions to buy shares in companies of any kind, and you’ll soon pick up all the knowledge needed to make the right share dealing decisions. You also get to benefit from our regular updates from skilled coaches with vast expertise of investing in global stock markets.

Why choose nextmarkets as your online share trading partner?

You’re on to a winner when you choose nextmarkets as your online share trading partner when trading CFDs. Teaming up with us for all your share trading helps you move to a higher level and trade shares like a pro. You have constant access to all the latest, most high tech financial tools to help you make the best decision on which shares to buy and also time all share sales so you increase your investment profits to the max.

Learning how to buy shares is exciting and rewarding, particularly when you partner with nextmarkets to inform your share trading decisions. And when you’re ready to evolve your portfolio, you can explore other CFD opportunities including currency and commodities.

Experience all the excitement of online share trading across global markets with nextmarkets and benefit from a skilled coaching and advisory service that’s second to none.  You will learn all the tricks of share dealing and ways to research and analyse companies to ensure your share purchases are profitable deals. Trial out our demo account to find out more and experience the fun of trading shares and learning all about financial trades.  

Your no-obligation demo account provides dummy funds so you can learn to buy and sell shares without any risks at all.  You’ll benefit from our expert advice and coaching at the same time, so your knowledge of share trading will be enhanced considerably.

Benefits of trading with nextmarkets

There are so many benefits to trading CFDs with nextmarkets. The superb trading app offers 24/7 access to all the share trading advice and tips you need to buy and sell shares globally, as well as real time share prices when markets are open. You’ll get to find out exactly what are stocks and how the pros benefitting from trading on global stock markets. You can also benefit from direct coaching advice straight to your smartphone and our top-quality trading app is suited to iOS or Android devices.

Mobile trading is quick and easy with the nextmarkets app which includes:

  • Push trade idea notifications
  • Real-time trades info
  • Up to 100 trading ideas each month
  • One click to follow share trade analyses

Want to learn how to trade but don't know where to start?

Take the time to register with nextmarkets today and learn everything you need to buy and sell shares in global markets. Many people start out asking the basics, such as what are shares, what are stocks and wondering what shares to buy now. When you team up with nextmarkets, you’ll excel in no time, benefitting from our comprehensive financial education which is all free of charge.

We understand that working out the best time for buying and selling shares can be a bit of a roller coaster ride, so our coaches give you all the education needed on selling. You learn techniques like valuation-level selling, so you can take the emotional aspects out of your share buying and selling and act with cold reason at all times. Our advanced trading account allows you to follow your shares in real time and high-tech charting tools make it far easier to identify bear share markets.

When the market is described as in a bearish position it means stocks are falling in price and these drops can be severe. Identifying the beginning of bear markets can be really tricky but our pro coaches have the insight and experience that’s essential to ensure clients pull out of markets at the best possible time, so share sales profits are maximised.

Register today and learn how the professionals approach share trading

Ready to explore what it takes to sell shares and be a success? Why not take some time to browse our website to learn more about trading in this way. CFDs on stocks and shares for beginners can be so simple when you partner with an online broker like nextmarkets. Our demo account offers you a safe and risk-free education in share dealing and you will benefit from the valuable learning tools and insights offered by our coaches at the same time. Why not register for a demo account with nextmarkets today and learn how the professionals approach share trading?

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