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Last updated: 14.09.2022
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Are you new to the stock market and in search of a stockbroker that could make your trading experience smooth and rewarding? If so, we’re glad you found your way to nextmarkets. 

We believe there’s always a better way to do things, which is why we see innovation and development as the pillars to our success. Here at nextmarkets, we combine the three most essential features of a high-quality stock broker; a unique trading platform that’s easy to use, education material to encourage learning, and access to expert stock market analysis and mentorship.

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  • Shift in share prices
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  • Research is key
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  • Advanced trading strategies
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  • Best stock broker UK
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Stock market explained

Imagine yourself in a supermarket but switch the goods being sold with shares of companies; that’s how stock markets work. Buyers and sellers exchange or trade shares of companies based on their market predictions and expectations.

If a buyer thinks that a company’s value will increase shortly, they’ll jump at the opportunity and purchase available shares to profit from them later on. Similarly, if another buyer thinks that a company’s share price is going down, they’ll instantly sell off any shares they hold to avoid loss.

The million-dollar question is; how can you predict the market and avoid making the wrong trades? That’s where we come in. As the best stock broker UK, we aim to provide you with the required knowledge, market insight, and tools vital for conveniently trading stocks with the potential to maximize your capital.

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Shift in share prices

The company’s initial share price is evaluated and set by the company itself and is known as its IPO price. Once the company registers the cost with a stock exchange, it all comes down to the markets’ movements.

When the demand for a particular company’s share increases, so will its price. However, if the supply increases, the demand will decrease in return, leading to a decline in the share price.

During market fluctuations, the company holds the authority to either issue more shares or buy back its shares to reduce the supply and maintain its value. 

We aim to make sure our clients are aware of the market’s conditions and can trade shares from anywhere conveniently. Thankfully, nextmarkets online platform offers clients a daily analysis of their trades along with expert trading graphs and mentorship to help them make profitable trades. It’s important to take advantage of these tools in order to improve your trading capabilities and foresights. 

Basics of stock trading

Before jumping into any trade, it’s essential to understand how the stock market works. You must know how you can minimize your risks of loss and maximize your chances of successful trades. It’s also essential to figure out which online platform can help you achieve the most out of your money. It’s also essential you’re aware of the best shares to buy UK.

We offer our clients free demo accounts and encourage beginners to register there before entering the actual market. The demo account has virtual currencies and allows you to test your trading skills without losing any money. It also helps you better understand how online stock trading works.

Research is key

We cannot emphasize the importance of learning enough and we encourage our traders to learn as much as possible to make successful trades. Before making your first trade, we suggest you study the types of stocks & ETFs thoroughly and then select whichever one you’d like to trade with, considering their features. 

For instance, ETFs (Exchange Trading Funds) allow investors to purchase multiple stocks simultaneously. This enables you to diminish any confusion between which companies to invest in and it also gives you better exposure to the market.

Our platform provides traders with sufficient educational material and expert help because we know how daunting the stock market could be as a beginner.

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Which trade suits you

When you initiate the trading of stocks, there are several trade remits to choose from. The two most basic and commonly used forms include ‘market orders’ and ‘trade limit orders’.

The benefit of using a market order is that it can be placed immediately for the best available price at the moment. However, limit orders can’t always be executed right away. Meanwhile, the benefit of using limit orders is that they give the trader an upper hand on how much they pay.

It’s important to understand that there is no such thing as ‘the best order type.’ The usage of each order type depends massively on the case scenario they’re being executed in. To ensure you use the best possible kind of trade, it’s ideal to prepare yourself through proper study of each trade type.

Once you know exactly what suits you as an online trader, you’ll find that the entire online trading experience becomes a lot more intuitive.

Advanced trading strategies

We suggest that beginners stick to low-risk and straightforward trades when they begin their stock trading journey. However, as you start to progress, it’s crucial to know different trading strategies that could multiply your profits and decrease risk while making trades.  

For instance, an ‘option’ is a type of strategy that can enable a trader to gain quicker profit, but at the same time, it may result in more rapid loss. Once you know your way around the stock market, you can step up your game with the help of advanced strategies and climb your way to the top. Our application allows traders to access differing trading strategies applied by market experts.

Open a stock trading account

Opening an account to trade stocks has never been easier. With nextmarkets, you get the advantage of opening a stock trading account free of any charges, that too, within a few minutes. All you have to do is hop on to our website or access our application and start your account opening process. 

All you need is proof of identity and proof of your address, and you’re good to go. Once you’ve successfully registered, we’ll provide you with your trading account. Don’t worry; you don’t need a minimum deposit to receive your trading account. However, to initiate a trade, you’ll be required to fund your account accordingly.

Finally, after receiving your account you can trade with convenience through your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Best stock broker UK

Commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs

When a newbie imagines the stock market, they usually picture huge sums of commissions that tag along with trades. However, we offer clients commission-free trading of over 7000 shares and 1000 ETFs through the Gottex Exchange located in Munich.
Our brokerage firm relies on a lean corporate structure, and a high degree of automation, enabling us to give our clients cost advantages like no other brokerage firm out there.

Secure stockbroker

The primary factor determining whether or not a stockbroker is secure is the firm’s license and regulation. Being licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA) to provide any investment service makes us one of the safest brokerage firms you can trade with.
According to the conduct by MFSA, there are many rules and regulations that we follow strictly to ensure our customers’ funds are secure and well-managed. Firstly, we keep our clients’ money and money in thoroughly segregated accounts to ensure the clients’ funds are protected.
We also ensure that every client’s money is deposited in a reputable bank and handled compliantly. Prioritizing our clients’ funds’ safety enables us to gain their trust and provide them with the best of services.

The most innovative broker 2020

Our unique trading tools and wide range of services make us unique amongst the crowded market of stockbrokers. We value innovation and continuously work towards introducing further improved and additional trading instruments and tools for our traders.
‘The most innovative broker award’ is an incredibly sought-after status, and being relatively new to the market yet accomplishing such a position for ourselves through the provision of high-quality trading services gives us great pride.

Easy access to trades

Our online trading platform is designed to be user-friendly and can be used through your phone, tablet, or laptop. The application is easy to use and contains several tools and instruments, which allow traders to make quick transactions.
The application also allows users to get daily analysis reports of their open positions, which will enable them to keep in touch with the market even during busy schedules. The ease of accessibility and use makes our platform ideal for beginners, whereas the technologically advanced design, tools, and services make it ideal for experts as well.

We value your learning

Our clients can access several educational materials free of cost and benefit from the knowledge by applying it as required. We believe giving our clients the knowledge necessary paired with our top-notch platform and tools can make wonders happen.
Clients can also arrange support from market experts in case they need guidance. Our priority is to ensure our traders are well-taught and well-equipped to make successful trades. Our traders receive up to 100 trading ideas each month, containing an ample amount of information.

You can become a part of something big

Trading stocks is an exciting and easy way to become a part of big companies. You can buy shares with multinational companies through internet trading, for instance, you can;

Final thoughts

As a beginner, the stock market can seem daunting and nearly impossible to get a grip of. After all, trading stocks means risking money. The truth is it does not have to be scary; you just need to find your way around it with the help of quality learning and the best stock broker uk. 

Being considered the best stockbroker UK, we aim to help beginners and expert traders access endless trade openings present in the market with our advanced yet simple-to-use trading platform. Hop on to our website and get your trading account within minutes. What’s next? Endless opportunities and expert guidance to make the right trades, leading to multiplied profits. 

Best stock broker UK FAQs

There is no minimum amount required for opening a trading account with nextmarkets. The usual minimum amount to get started with investments or trading would be 200$ to 1000$. However, the initial investment fund usually depends upon the price of the shares you want to invest in. It’s best to trade with a free trading platform and a small amount of money as a beginner. 

Living off of trades is certainly not uncommon, but it requires a high patience and ambition level. In order to make trading stocks a full-time career path, you should focus on continuous learning. The better you know the market and can analyze the market’s direction, the higher your chances of making positive trades. Similarly, it’s best to use a top-notch trading platform to get access to the best trading instruments and opportunities.

The ‘three-day rule’ is a trading strategy applied by many investors globally. The approach implies that if a stock has received backlash or has been slammed due to negative news, it’s best to wait three days before buying it. This allows investors to expand their profits and contract their losses.

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