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Last updated: 28.02.2023
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If you are looking for a suitable broker for your first steps in CFD trading, or are planning to change brokers, you are likely to be looking for a possible discount, promotional code or deposit bonus.

Such promotions are now largely prohibited. When deciding on a broker, the quality of the products and services should be your primary consideration. As such, you will not find any nextmarkets bonus in the form of a short-lived deposit bonus or discount. Instead, we focus on the satisfaction of our traders, and as a result, have attractive offers available that provide our customers with long-term benefits.

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Broker deposit bonus is prohibited EU-wide

Brokers in the UK and EU are no longer allowed to offer deposit bonuses since 1 August 2018. The requirements of the market supervisory authority ESMA are intended to protect private investors in CFD and Forex trading. And this makes perfect sense, because where previously a promotion code or deposit bonus was promised, traders usually had to make predetermined, sometimes high turnovers – only then was the discount granted. The consequence was that less experienced private investors in particular took on financial risks – a risky combination, especially together with the previously high possible levers.

The black sheep among the brokers, who were primarily interested in short-term profits instead of customer loyalty, were the main beneficiaries. With nextmarkets it is different. Right from the very beginning, when the question “How to become a broker” was asked, we dealt intensively with special offers. Our solution: Instead of a nextmarkets bonus, you benefit from many advantages, including not only favourable spreads, but also the unique Curated Investing.

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nextmarkets stands out from the crowd: Use Curated Investing

We at nextmarkets are convinced that we do not have to offer a deposit bonus, promotion code or discount to convince traders. This is because we offer services that other online brokers do not offer. One part of our nextmarkets bonus is Curated Investing – 14 renowned financial experts take you by the hand and introduce you to CFD trading. Our traders learn by looking over the shoulder of experts. Not only with the real money account, but already with the free demo account, you can follow the analyses of the coaches – free of charge you benefit from up to 200 analyses per month, which you receive directly in the chart.

With just one mouse click you can follow an analysis and copy it. We believe this intensive learning experience outweighs any deposit bonus or promotion code, and is one of the reasons why we do not offer a nextmarkets bonus.

Versatile trading offer at nextmarkets

nextmarkets specialises in the trading of contracts for differences. It offers CFDs on more than 1000 underlying assets, including currency pairs, CFDs on the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also on indices, individual shares and bonds, commodities and precious metals. You can trade with or without leverage – always in accordance with ESMA regulations for private traders, which limit leverage to a maximum of 1:30 on the most liquid forex pairs for your own safety.

When a leveraged position is opened, the so-called margin, the security deposit, is deposited, which is only a part of the total capital moved. Since leverage is also used when a position is losing money, nextmarkets protects traders with the margin call – as soon as open positions are no longer covered, they are automatically closed. This prevents you from losing a multiple of the capital available on the trading account.

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Permanently tight spreads instead of a one-off discount

Anyone who has ever been tempted by a deposit bonus may have already experienced that the supposed bargain can be quickly made up for by high commissions, deposit and withdrawal costs and hidden fees. At nextmarkets, we avoid using promotional codes and discounts as a way of attracting new customers. That’s because we’re confident in our product – our traders enjoy permanently favourable conditions with us. On our website, you can view the spreads that apply to trading in the individual asset classes and values in a transparent manner.

There are no further nextmarkets costs – because we waive fees for deposits and withdrawals, do not charge any order or dividend fees, and traders need not fear any hidden costs. Curated investing as part of the nextmarkets Bonus Offer is completely free of charge, as is the use of the demo account. You can use the unlimited demo version of the software first for risk-free first steps in trading, but later also for testing and optimizing your strategies.

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At nextmarkets, you’ll get access to the analyses of more than a dozen experts. In addition to Curated Investing, our other services include the 0% order fees and dividend charges, favourable spreads and a free, unlimited demo account for an unlimited period of time. While you won’t find any special offers or bonuses, the products and services we offer as standard far outweigh any temporary bonuses or discounts.

  • No commissions
  • Curated Investing under the guidance of the nextmarkets coaches
  • Favourable spreads

High-quality trading platform: another nextmarkets bonus

The trading software at nextmarkets GmbH is another benefit that makes each deposit bonus rank out of the running. You can already familiarise yourself ofwith the functional scope of our platform with the free demo account, which was developed especially by and for nextmarkets. Our role model was the popular, powerful MetaTrader. Therefore, the nextmarkets exchange software is intuitive to use and very clear. Real-time quotes for all tradable securities are included in the functional scope of nextmarkets as a bonus, as are the most important order types and various forms of chart display.

  • Intuitively operated platform with similarities to MetaTrader
  • Overview of the strategies of the 14 nextmarkets coaches
  • Analysis and trading directly in the chart
  • Trading School from nextmarkets

Also integrated are the trading tools and indicators you need for your own analyses. At the same time, the coaches’ strategies are displayed and can be followed and copied directly from the chart – with just one click. Besides the browser-based trading software, you can also access your trading account via Android and iOS-compatible apps for mobile devices.

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Our in-depth FAQ guide is here to help

At nextmarkets we know that not only beginners but also advanced traders occasionally want to fall back on customer support. We offer a detailed and in-depth FAQ guide, allowing you to find answers to your queries within minutes.

In some cases, you may need to get in touch with our dedicated customer support team. Customer support is also available via our ‘Contact Us’ form located at the bottom of each page. Once you’ve submitted your question, our expert team will be in touch as soon as possible to help you with your query. As such, we can assure you that you won’t have to wait for a problem to be solved, or miss any potentially rewarding trading opportunities.

Use the Trading Academy as a nextmarkets bonus

Thanks to the offers of nextmarkets, trading in CFDs is also within reach for private investors. However, success is always preceded by a preoccupation with the subject matter. With the nextmarkets School, we also want to make it easier for beginners to start trading.

More than 15 hours of exclusive video material is available to our customers. The fact that nextmarkets has experience and works in a customer-oriented manner is reflected in the content: This explains the functions of the trading software, the special features of the financial instruments and the execution of orders and analyses. In addition to the training videos, nextmarkets offers webinars and occasionally even live seminars.

  • Free, exclusive video material and webinars
  • Comprehensive explanations on software, trading and financial instruments
  • Integrated Coaching

As a financial service provider, we wanted to offer our traders one-stop coaching from nextmarkets experts, hence why we created the Trading School. It’s always been our goal to provide customers with a well-rounded overall offer, instead of a separate nextmarkets bonus.

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Reliability more important than discount and promotion code

When choosing a CFD broker, it is of course more important to have favourable conditions and a comprehensive trading offer than a nextmarkets bonus or discount. But even more important is the security of the client’s funds. This is guaranteed by regulation by a financial supervisory authority, which is at best a European one. You can rest assured that your deposits are safe with us and that fraud is impossible with nextmarkets. Behind the offer of nextmarkets Trading Limited, based in Malta, is nextmarkets GmbH in Cologne.

Regulation is carried out by the Maltese Financial Services Authority MFSA. As Malta is a member state of the European Union, the binding conditions apply. Accordingly, we are obliged to keep our customers’ funds in segregated accounts, carefully separated from company assets. Membership of an investor compensation fund also reimburses amounts of up to EUR 20,000. This security is worth much more than a possible nextmarkets bonus, which is used up after a few trades.

Did you know?

It is not only good conditions and coaching that make up the services of nextmarkets. Instead of a nextmarkets bonus, you benefit from extensive educational resources and the opportunity to practice what you have learned without any risk with the free demo account. And you can already follow the analyses of the experts with the demo version of the software. This is worth more than a discount or promotion code! We facilitate your entry into trading with:

  • More than 15 hours of video material on CFD trading,
  • A free, unlimited demo account loaded with virtual currency
  • Access to the analyses of the coaches, even with the demo version of the trading software.
  • Trade now free of charge on nextmarkets!
  • Forex Demo Account

Instant payouts at nextmarkets

A much-criticized point, which traders become aware of at the latest when the first profits have been made, is the fact that quite a few brokers put obstacles in the way of their customers when making payouts. These range from comparatively high minimum payouts to delayed processing of applications and high fees. None of this is the case with nextmarkets. This is very much to the benefit of our customers, and this is how we make up for the lack of a nextmarkets bonus, because payout fees can significantly reduce the return and cancel out a discount or deposit bonus.

At nextmarkets, however, as with most brokers, only so-called “free capital” is paid out – i.e. only amounts that are not required for the margin of open positions. Any free capital exceeding this amount can be paid out. Before applying, clients should consider how much capital will be required in the trading account in the following days to implement planned strategies. This will help to avoid bottlenecks. However, the handling of trading capital is also a topic in the content of the nextmarkets school.

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No time limits for payouts on nextmarkets

Quite often there are limits on payouts, so that only a few payouts per month or per week can be made free of charge. For all other transactions there are often payout fees. These restrictions do not exist at nextmarkets either. Users can view their balance at any time in their personal customer area, so they also know how much is required for open positions and how much capital can be paid out. If desired, this is even possible on a daily basis. Apart from keeping enough in the account to keep it in the plus at all times, traders who achieve high returns can have these earnings paid out to their reference account at any time. Although clients cannot use conventional nextmarkets bonuses, they do not have to fear any hidden or additional costs or limits.

By the way, there are no costs for deposits from our side either. The trading account can be capitalized using Visa or Mastercard or with a SEPA transfer, only the financial service providers commissioned to do so may charge fees.

Fully usable demo account as nextmarkets Bonus

nextmarkets offers its customers fair conditions and comprehensive services, with nothing to hide. If you are interested in experiencing this for yourself, you can sign up for our free nextmarkets demo account. The practice account is set up within a few minutes and allows you to not only test the functionality of the trading software without any obligation, but also to follow the analyses of the coaches. The demo account is not limited in time either, unlike many other CFD brokers who stop practising after a week or 14 days – you’ll have unlimited use of our demo services.

We do not pursue the strategy of attracting new customers with a promotion code or discount. Instead of the previously so popular deposit bonus, which often took newcomers by surprise, we convince with Curated Investing, a versatile trading and training offer as well as the non-binding demo account.

Interested traders who would like to get to know nextmarkets with the demo account will find out during registration that you won’t even have to provide a telephone number. Often, providers who require a mobile phone number when setting up a demo account often use this number for regular enquiries as to whether and when one is considering opening a real money account.

nextmarkets dispenses with this completely, because we rely on the persuasiveness of the services offered. Instead of deterring potential new customers with excessive advertising, we give our users the opportunity to discover all the advantages of coaching and the convenient handling of the trading software at their leisure and then make their decision. A pleasant strategy that works and is more convincing than a nextmarkets bonus could be.

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Smart financial products: Savings CFD with nextmarkets

At nextmarkets, we not only provide our customers with its conventional brokerage offer, but are also inventing new ideas all the time. This includes our smart products such as the Spar-CFD from nextmarkets, which has been available since 10.12.2018. This financial product uses the difference between the German and US key interest rates and allows investors to profit from market price inflation. If the US key interest rate remains higher than the German key interest rate, a return is achieved that was already 1.50 % at the time of the initial issue and has since risen.

Our customers can invest in the Savings CFD directly through their trading account. Investors can trade the nextmarkets Spar CFD around the clock on weekdays. With this innovative offer, we would like to offer our customers an alternative to conventional forms of investment that are no longer lucrative due to the low interest rate policy, and therefore also consider the Savings CFD as a nextmarkets bonus.

Indices as an investment opportunity

In addition to the savings CFD, nextmarkets offers two other investment products that can be traded with and without leverage. These are the Real Estate Index and the Green Index. The Real Estate Index CFD tracks the performance of the ten most successful international groups in the real estate sector, while the Green Index focuses on innovative energies and offers. The novelty here is that nextmarkets makes these products available to its clients as CFDs rather than ETFs. This means that both investment options can be traded with or without leverage. The return amounts to 0.25 % p. a. without leverage and 2.5 % p. a. with leverage.

Both instruments are a further example of nextmarkets’ continuous efforts to improve its product range and thus offer its traders the actual nextmarkets bonus.

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