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Last updated: 28.02.2023
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Choosing the best forex trading app is your first step towards learning how the markets work. It’s important to make a well-researched choice if you’re just starting out in the world of forex and currency trading, or even you’ve got some experience and want to learn a new way to capitalise on the forex market and trade currencies.

At nextmarkets, we’ve developed a forex trading platform that is specifically designed with that purpose, and with forex traders, in mind. If you’re looking for new ways to invest your money with attractive potential returns, our app has been created for novices and experienced traders alike.

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What is a forex app?

If you’ve been wondering just what is forex exactly, it’s shorthand for the foreign exchange market, wherein forex traders can buy and sell currency pairings to make a profit. Forex brokers exist to facilitate these exchanges, and this is often made even easier for the trader via trading apps that give information on the forex market in real-time, helping traders make the best possible moves.

If you’re wondering how the best forex broker app works, look no further. Here at nextmarkets, you’ll gain access to an entire world of trading possibilities through an intuitively designed online forex trading platform. There are many online broker apps to choose from, which provide you with a platform to capitalise on fluctuations in the forex market. With nextmarkets, you’re afforded this opportunity and much more.

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Best forex trading app to get

Right now, you might be wondering which are the best forex trading apps to explore and download. While the market for trading apps is growing, there are plenty of things to think about before simply registering with the first app you come across – particularly if you’re intent on trading the markets for the long term and want to learn when to trade. Before looking for a forex demo account that suits your needs, take some time to figure out what you want from trading platforms.

Whether it’s simple functionality, insights and learning opportunities or something more, knowing what you require will help put you make the right decision in terms of what forex trading platform will work best for you. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to buy shares, or if you’re interested in trading CFDS, or even interested in finding out more about global stock markets, partner with the experts at nextmarkets today and benefit from expert tuition and valuable share trading tips and ideas and start trading today.

Download a forex trading app

If you’re considering entering the markets, and want to take advantage of the capabilities of your smartphone, a broker app is a perfect way to utilise technology to get more out of your trading. Opening a forex signals app is the best way to gain the freedom to trade whenever and wherever you like.

Unlike traditional software, you won’t need to be tethered to a desk or an office. You won’t even need a WiFi connection. Simply use the data connection on your phone to get involved with the markets. With a single tap of your screen, you could be trading right away.

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What to consider before choosing a forex trading app

Don’t be tempted to simply download the first mobile apps you find in the app store. Instead, you should look for the best forex trading app – one that is suited to your needs and abilities as a trader. Whether it’s specialised free forex softwarePayPal forex brokers or a more general service, doing your research is the best way to make the right decision with your investments.

It’s also important to take existing feedback into consideration, and whether the developers respond with feedback and solutions. This means that they’re serious about the app and about providing service to their clients. Before choosing a FX trading app, consider the following:

  • Does the app contain the features you’ll need?
  • Does the app support your preferred trading method?
  • Will the app help improve your performance and skills?

Fact Check

If nextmarkets sounds like the right choice for you, why not download the app or try out a demo to find out how our platform offers more than anything else currently on the market? Here are just some of the ways you’ll benefit:

  • It’s free to try out with a demo account – and completely risk-free
  • You’ll gain access to a functional app designed for beginners and experts alike
  • You’ll receive access to all the latest trading ideas and expert tips

Looking for a broker app with a difference? Look no further.

Things to look out for

We find that there are a lot of searches from budding forex traders looking to not only find the best forex trading apps, but also searching to find out the answers to common queries like what forex signals mean, how the forex calendar works, which trading apps should you trust, what the forex trading hours are, and ultimately, how can make money from trading currencies. There are lots of platforms on the market – most of which promise forex learning opportunities. It’s wise to enter the world of trading forex with an open mind. Here are just a few signs that a mobile trading platform might not be right for you:

  • Few testimonials or online reviews
  • Little information about the services provided
  • Scant information about partners or investors in the app
  • Outdated security measures

At nextmarkets, we guarantee the safety of your data and your money – the last thing you want is to suddenly start losing money rapidly because it wasn’t secured- and with reviews and investors to back us up, we don’t just talk the talk. With this knowledge, you should be well on your way to picking the right mobile trading app and taking advantage of the forex markets.

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How to trade using a forex trading app

If you’re looking for a forex broker app, the first step is to understand how to flexibly access the market. It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Firstly, you need to choose a Forex trading app and sign up by supplying some basic personal information. Once you’ve set up an account, you can deposit funds directly from your bank or other payment services.

Next, you’ll need to start following the market and investment analysis, then decide which currency pairings to trade. Some apps even let you learn risk-free using a demo account preloaded with virtual funds. nextmarkets is a great opportunity to set up with a broker which offers forex trading strategies, and the app is available for iPhone and Android. You don’t need to visit third-party websites or install any access software, keeping it free from malware or viruses.

Best forex trading apps for iPhone users

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll already be used to how powerful your smartphone can be. It’s possible to do everything from waking you up in the morning to controlling your heating or lights at home. Of course, you can expect the same next-level treatment when it comes to a forex platform.

When looking for the best forex trading app for iPhone, make sure you do some research and find out what will work best for you. Not all apps will do exactly what you want them to, and not all interfaces are user-friendly, so take some time to find out by reading the reviews, viewing videos of the app in use and finding out what features it has.

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What should a trading app offer?

If you’re new to the world of forex trading and forex trading apps, then you’re likely considering which app to use. Different mobile apps offer different user experiences, so consider what you require from a service before signing up. Try doing some research into the best apps for forex trading for beginners. Here are just a few pointers when thinking about what you need from your forex trading platform:

  • Do I require guidance and insight from the professionals?
  • Will I need a mobile app that is suitable for beginners?
  • Are there any learning materials available on the app?
  • Do I need a platform-specific device (e.g. Android or Apple)?

nextmarkets, for example, provides expert analysis, tips and guidance and will run on all major mobile platforms.

Best forex trading apps for Android users

Android phones are fast becoming the most popular devices on the market, but are you utilising yours correctly? Having access to the services you require is a must, which means a fast, responsive Android app that allows you to trade forex from your smartphone or other Android devices.

Before settling on the best forex trading app for Android, use as much information as you can find to make an informed decision. This way, you won’t waste any time getting into the world of forex. That means checking out the reviews in the Play Store and ensuring that the developer has a good track record when it comes to fixing bugs and issuing updates, as well as securing all payments and trades.

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Why trade on a mobile device?

Gone are the days of needing to be connected to a computer. When it comes to trading, you might be wondering “what is forex?”, or you may be seeking advice on how to make the best trades. It makes perfect sense to use the latest technology to get everything you require from your trading platforms at the tap of a screen.

You might also be wanting to understand forex signals, or perhaps you might want to use a forex calendar to gain a deeper understanding of the market. It’s therefore worthwhile to find a mobile app that offers advice and information on forex trading hours, forex indicators and everything else you’ll need to know all accessible at your fingertips.

Can you get free forex trading apps?

When it comes to making the correct decision, it’s worthwhile considering what paid mobile apps can provide you with in comparison to free ones. In a lot of cases, developers may charge extra or want a cut for divulging their forex trading strategies.

Other forex brokers offer these services for free. Apps like nextmarkets provide a service that is on par (or even better than) some paid services. At the end of the day, it’s all about being clever with what you expect from an app when you trade forex. Don’t be afraid to take a closer look at what each service can provide. It’s a good idea to check out reviews from existing customers to find out what those trading apps deliver.

Did you know?

At nextmarkets, we don’t just offer world-class service. We care about our customers, we protect their investments and funds and want to help them become a successful forex trader. We ensure that you’re covered, and you can even use PayPal to make deposits – how’s that for flexibility? When you use our own trading platform, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Backing from some huge investors, including FinLab and Peter Thiel
  • Deposit insurance of up to £100,000 available via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • A variety of flexible depositing options to allow you to do things your own way

Simply download the nextmarkets app today, or get in touch with us to find out more about how our trading app can improve your online trading strategies.

Best forex trading apps for beginners

If you’re looking for trading apps that facilitate easy forex trading for beginners, it makes sense to consider what you require. For most beginners, a mobile app that includes all of the following for free is a sure-fire way to get your foot on the first rung of the ladder:

  • Clear access to insights and tips to help you make the best choices
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn how the markets work
  • A simple, intuitive user interface that doesn’t overcomplicate things

If all of this sounds right up your street, then nextmarkets could be the perfect choice for you. We endeavour to provide opportunities for our users to develop their skills, with everything from online tutorials to monologue chats from the experts to help increase your market knowledge.

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Top mobile app for forex trading

What you’re hoping to gain will inform what makes a good choice for mobile forex trading. When it comes to making the right decision, starting with popular apps and forex brokers at the top of the review sites is a good idea. Customer reviews are also a worthy source of information, as these allow you to find out directly from the user base whether a forex trading app is worth downloading.

If a reputable review site lists any forex trading apps with a positive rating, and the app also has high ratings from users, it’s a good indicator that it delivers what it promises. Don’t be afraid to check out most forex brokers and any ‘top ten’ lists to get an idea of what trading platforms are worth downloading (and crucially, what aren’t).

Finding the right forex app

The best forex trading apps allow you to trade forex based on your knowledge of the foreign exchange currency market. Whether you’re looking at making gains from popular options like GBP/USD or your strategy consists of something a little more niche, good forex trading apps should allow you to get involved with trades wherever you are in the world.

The beauty of mobile technology is that it’s now possible to trade from a mobile app without being tethered to a computer. Simply take advantage of your mobile data and begin making those crucial trades precisely when you need to, whether you’re at home or on the move.

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Ultimate app for forex traders

Finding the best forex trading apps is generally down to personal preference, although it’s worthwhile ensuring that your app of choice is reputable. Any popular forex trading platform will always have good reviews from fellow forex traders. Don’t just simply choose the first service you come across because it looks good, though user experience should be a major feature too. To find reputable forex trading apps that meet all of your requirements and offer maximum online security, it helps to do a little research on forex brokers.

The forex trading app you choose should be transparent when it comes to backers and investors, displaying its credentials on its website in the form of security and partnership logos. It should also be upfront about the measures it takes to protect your deposits, such as keeping funds in separate accounts. Avoid any forex trading platforms that don’t implicitly mention these features.

Improve your strategy with nextmarkets

With practical guidance and access to insider trading knowledge, nextmarkets is the ideal training ground for potential traders looking to start trading forex. It’s also an invaluable source of information for experienced traders who want to get more out of the market. It’s our wealth of experience which ensures that our customers perform consistently well.

With our expertise, it’s possible to learn more about forex and go one step further. You’ll never be left feeling confused with nextmarkets – you’re free to enjoy a demo account to help you learn the best trading processes. It puts you in control, keeps you fully informed and helps you to make the right decisions. Our thousands of happy customers are a testament to this.

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There’s no better way to try out your trading skills than by signing up to our demo account. You’ll get £10,000 in virtual funds to trade on the forex, helping you as you get to grips with all the market shifts, analyses and tools at your disposal. And when you’re ready to move on, you can explore the other CFD options out there through our platform.

So if our mobile app sounds like the ideal way to introduce yourself into the forex trading arena, or you’re a current trader who wants to try the latest and greatest way to access the market, nextmarkets is the service for you. With a free demo, you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why not see how far your trading career could take you and open an account with us today?

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