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Last updated: 20.05.2020
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The potential to make money when trading stocks and shares is great. Compared to traditional banking, the risk is a lot higher but so are the potential rewards. Yet understanding how it works as a novice can be difficult, and when dealing with a high-risk product it’s important you’re prepared before you invest your capital.

Trading for beginners doesn’t have to be tricky if you follow this guide, which will help you understand the basics of stocks and shares trading, how it can be done online, and the excellent benefits to using nextmarkets’ trading platform.

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Trading for beginners with nextmarkets

Firstly, it’s important to understand what is meant by trading for beginners, and what you’re trading in. Trading stocks and shares are when you’re purchasing a stake in a company, and hoping that demand for that stake (due to the performance of the company) drives up the price so that you can sell for more than you bought it.

These stakes are called shares; generally, the term stocks is used when you have shares in multiple companies – you have multiple stocks each consisting of shares in different businesses. The risk with stock trading is inherent – your investment could always fall rather than rise, seeing you lose money.

Yet play the market right and your returns can dwarf those of savings accounts or other ‘safer’ investment opportunities.

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Trading online for beginners

There are two main options available to you when you set out to trade in stocks and shares. The first of these is to employ a stockbroker, someone who would manage your capital for you. You’d pass them your capital and sign a contract empowering them to trade on your behalf, and they’d use their expertise to put your funds into a spread of companies that they believe is right for you.

The alternative is to do it yourself through what’s called an online trading platform. With trading online for beginners, this can sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when using the best online broker UK, nextmarkets.

  • Completely independent coaching ideas and tips from expert coaches
  • No direct investment advice – use the resources and full strategies to make your own decisions
  • No high fees for setting up a trade – manage trades yourself with ease

Learn how to trade with nextmarkets

Once you understand these basics, you are ready to learn how to trade stocks and make a success of it. Managing your own funds through nextmarkets’ online trading platform ensures you have total control of your money, and over time with the help offered by our app, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the nuances of trading so that you know the best times to buy into a company, and when to sell to maximise your return.

There is never a guarantee of success, but by using the best trading app available in nextmarkets, you can at least fully understand your options and have the best chance of seeing a strong profit as you learn the skills yourself, rather than simply trusting your funds to a third party.

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How to trade online for beginners

So what is trading? Trading stocks and shares have developed hugely over the past two decades thanks to the widespread adoption of online trading platforms. No longer are you relying on speaking to a broker over the phone or through other antiquated methods, with all the associated delays that could lead to missed opportunities.

Instant decision making and action have been a huge driver for further success, and nextmarkets capitalises on that with its best trading platform.

Whether you download the web browser app or prefer the smartphone app, you’ll learn how to trade online for beginners, and how to manage your portfolio, thanks in part to the clean, intuitive design.

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Even total beginners can learn how to trade stocks and shares using nextmarkets. When you download the nextmarkets app and sign up, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools and benefits, including:

  • Guides to teach you all about trading stocks and shares
  • Expert opinions from our coaches, with strategies clearly outlined
  • The chance to try a demo account before you use your own capital, to see how it works and to learn the ropes of online trading
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How to invest capital

Once you’re ready to begin your trading, you’ll need to think about how to invest capital – literally how to deposit your funds. When using an app which is designed around quick, instant trades, you also want to enjoy flexible online broker payment options, so that you can manage your money in a way that suits you.

The most popular of these is PayPal, with more people across the world using the digital payment solution to both deposit and withdraw funds from their online trading platforms. That’s why we set up nextmarkets as an online broker PayPal available – our app is all about being as easy and suited to what you need.

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Trading for beginners with nextmarkets while on-the-go

With the introduction of the nextmarkets smartphone app as an online trading platform, it’s never been easier to manage your funds. You can learn about trading for beginners while on-the-go, as you can easily see how your portfolio is performing no matter where you are.

Whether it’s a quick check in the morning from your bed, or while you’re jet-setting around the globe, the app is always there with instant access to your account, so you can easily keep track of performance and see where you may have a new opportunity available. And with the intuitive design of the app, even complex insights and tools are clearly understandable on the smaller screen.

Market trading for beginners UK

Once you know you want to invest, you need to decide where. With market trading for beginners, UK businesses can be a great place to start but you have a wealth of international markets to choose from.

You can purchase equity in the Top 100 UK companies, or look at global organisations with reputable brand names, or you may wish to delve into overseas indices. You aren’t limited to trading in equity CFDs with nextmarkets either, as you can also consider forex trading, cryptocurrencies and bonds. There are expert coaches and guides to everything through the app, so beginners can understand more about each opportunity and find the one that’s right for them.

Learn how to trade with nextmarkets

Trading courses for beginners

Anyone with an interest in stocks and shares wants to develop a deeper understanding of how markets work. That’s why there are so many trading courses for beginners out there, offering training in how to invest. Yet it’s important that you review each option carefully to ensure it offers what you need without incurring high costs.

For instance, on some sites you may be charged extortionate hidden fees, or the courses may be designed to sell you into trades that offer the broker a high commission, rather than those that are more suited to you. With nextmarkets, our resources are available for you to use as you see fit, but ultimately it’s your decision how you then use our guides and coaches.

How to invest your capital with nextmarkets

When you do decide that you’re ready to enter the world of trading, you need to choose how to invest your capital. It may seem conservative, but if you stick to one company or currency to invest in, you’re playing a risky strategy – if it performs well then you’ll see a great return, but if it doesn’t you have no backup plan. That’s why it makes sense, particularly for beginners, to hedge your bets a little and spread your capital over a number of investments.

That way, if one doesn’t perform as you wish it to or even has a disaster, you aren’t taking too big a hit and overall you can still return profit from your portfolio. It’s about using the guides from expert coaches to find the best spread of investments for you, to give you the best chance of success.

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A nextmarkets' guide to trading

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers can make when it comes to trading is impatience. A beginner’s guide to trading would always recommend taking your time and not expecting instant results. If you invest your capital wisely, particularly following the advice of nextmarkets’ expert coaches, you might see a quick upturn in value. But cashing that in to then invest elsewhere may not be the smartest move – let the portfolio mature and develop.

Reinvesting profits is a fantastic way to grow your capital over time – you can work the market to give you more investment opportunities, letting you build and build – but doing it too quickly can see your returns take a hit due to costs associated with selling. Instead, monitor your portfolio regularly but be considered and read the advice of the coaches before you sell.

Learn trading from the best

If you want to learn trading from the best, nextmarkets is the CFD trading app of choice. We have a number of expert coaches available to offer their most successful trading tips and can support you in a number of ways:

  • You’ll get up to 100 trading ideas a month from the coaches
  • Each one will have a full strategy, explaining the reasons behind the choice
  • We have experts in every market available, from equity to forex and cryptocurrency
  • The coaches also provide insight and analysis on the market in general
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Did you know?

You can enjoy peace of mind when you use nextmarkets, as we’ll always safeguard your success wherever we can. We have a number of measures in place to help you when you invest:

  • We are backed by major investors from around the world – Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, FinLab and Falk Strascheg
  • Deposits up to 20,000 EUR are covered by the Malta Investor Protection Scheme
  • You can get started from as low as 500 EUR

Learn a trade by copying

With nextmarkets it’s even easier to get up and running as a beginner, as you can learn a trade by copying it. The coaches will not only give advice on where you could invest, but you can track their trade offers and copy them with just the click of a button through the app.

It couldn’t be easier to get involved in a trade that catches your eye – there’s no need to mess around with menus, just one click and you’re invested. If you’ve never traded before, then copying a trade from one of the expert coaches is the perfect introduction as you learn the ropes.

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Online trading for beginners guide

There is a lot of information out there to help newcomers, but nextmarkets truly serves as the perfect online trading for beginners guide. We have a host of information on our website and through our app, educating you in the different markets and the options they present to you, and the fundamentals of how to buy and sell stock using the app.

From the detailed strategies of our coaches to our video guides that offer step-by-step instructions on executing and modifying a trade, we have a wealth of resources to empower you to become an expert trader yourself.

Trading beginners to trading experts using tools

The best way to develop your trading skills is to get into the detail. Go from trading beginners to trading experts using tools and indicators provided through the nextmarkets app and website.

At first, this complex and comprehensive toolset may be daunting if you’re new to investing, thanks to the intensive statistical data you have access to.

Yet with the guided instructions online and the input of the coaches who use the same indicators in their strategies, you’ll soon develop a deeper understanding of the lay of the market and where opportunities may lie so that you can make your own decisions and track performance with a solid knowledge base.

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Trading: how to get started with nextmarkets

The easiest way to get started with trading is to give it a go. Yet understandably, you don’t want to dive into something with your own money before you fully understand how it all works.

That’s why nextmarkets offers an trading account which is completely free to use. Once you sign up for the app, you’ll have a 10,000 EUR demo budget to use, with complete access to all of the coaching strategies, video tutorials and guides. No features are hidden or blocked, and you can use that demo budget to get to grips with buying and selling.

Download the app and sign up now to get started with your free trial – there’s no time limit either, so you can spend as long as you wish getting used to it before investing your own capital when you’re sure you’re ready.

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