Trading demo account at nextmarkets - How to open?

Last updated: 28.02.2023
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If you’re in search of an online trading demo account that gives you the most accurate experience of real trading, nextmarkets has the demo platform you need. We go the extra mile to provide a fully featured demo account that simulates as many of the features of our full platform as possible.

You can access resources and market analyses, as well as terrific trade ideas and insight from the experts in both the web app and mobile app. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, nextmarkets aims to be the best online broker UK investors could hope for.

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What is a trading account?

A trading account is any investment account that contains securities, capital or other investment holdings. A trading account most commonly refers to the primary account of a day trader. These are investors who tend to buy and sell their assets on a frequent basis, often within a single trading session, and as such their accounts are subject to special regulation. The assets that are held in a typical trading account are separate from other assets that may make up part of a more long-term buy and hold investment strategy.

So the main thing that distinguishes a trading account is the level of activity, and at nextmarkets, we offer superb cash or margin accounts to accommodate the needs of the many types of day trader out there. For more information on this topic, you can visit our in-depth What is Trading? guide.

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Where to find a trading demo account UK

You will find demo trading accounts advertised all over the internet, often in the ads while you are browsing financial sites. Demo trading accounts can provide a reliable indicator of how a person will fare in the real markets, and allow people to familiarise themselves with the software involved in a specific trading platform as well as the ups and downs of the markets involved.

At nextmarkets, our free online trading demo account allows you to enter with a starting virtual balance of £10,000 and provides access to the wealth of market analysis, tools and resources that come with our revolutionary platform. We aim to empower our clients with everything at our disposal that will enable them to make informed decisions and fulfil their potential as active players on the investment markets.

How to open a trading demo account

Opening a trading demo account with nextmarkets couldn’t be simpler. Virtually every page on our website offers a link to open a demo account, and once you click the link you are presented with a short form to open your account.

Once you complete the form, you just need to confirm your email address and you will be granted access to a demo account on the superb nextmarkets platform, which offers extensive tools and resources to be accessed from a desktop or laptop computer and the best trading app for mobile devices.

Start demo trading with a generous virtual opening balance of £10,000 and get to grips with all our analyses, educational resources and other powerful tools that are designed to help you to succeed as an investor with nextmarkets.

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How to identify a good trading demo account

There are various comparison tables out there to get a quick way to compare the demo accounts offered by different online brokers. But the best way to get real insight into what’s important for you is to open a demo account with various brokers. Each of them will offer different tools and interfaces, so trying them out will help you to identify your own priorities for a good platform.

The nextmarkets demo account requires no deposit for you to begin trading, and our emphasis on attention to detail in simulating markets, expiry times and minimum trade levels is aimed at offering the best experience for the greatest number of people. In trading, things can change very quickly, so a demo account should enable you to learn the ropes fast.

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When you trade with nextmarkets, you essentially have your own personal broker in your corner. When you register, the benefits you will enjoy include:

  • A demo platform with £10,000 of virtual funds.
  • Competitive spreads with low margins.
  • Investment ideas matched with your own trading behaviours.

It’s no wonder we rate so highly in broker comparison searches.

Learn to specialise in particular assets

By taking some time to trade through a demo account, you can learn about your own strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on your successes can lead to developing specialisms in the long term, and you’ll find that certain assets are more suited to the habits and strategies that define you as a trader.

Furthermore, a little of this personal insight can lead to greater success in general as a trader. By identifying successful trends before funding a full account, you may save a great deal of money as you expand your portfolio. For expert advice that will help you succeed, why not take a look at our collection of popular trading tips?

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Pro online trading account UK

In recognition of the fact that some traders out there will take their business to a higher level, we have created the nextmarkets Pro online trading account UK professional investors can take advantage of.

These accounts are not open to just everyone; there are several criteria our clients must fulfil to qualify for a pro account. We require that you satisfy at least two of the following criteria:

  • Portfolio size – having a portfolio of financial instruments, inclusive of cash and cash equivalents, that exceeds £500,000.
  • Trading frequency – making at least 10 transactions of a substantial size in every quarter of the last year.
  • Expertise – having worked as a professional in the financial sector, requiring specialist knowledge of derivatives trading, for a minimum of 1 year.

Open a trading account with nextmarkets

After you’ve spent some time simulating the investment world with our online trading demo account, you might be ready to open a trading account and start trading for real. We aim to facilitate a smooth transition for our clients, and we provide access to over 1,000 instruments that you can trade and invest in.

We require valid documents for identification like passports and driving licences, as well as proof of address like utility bills and bank account statements. There are lots of hints and tips in the ‘Help’ section of our website, and you can’t fail to be impressed by the vast array of tools and analyses we provide in our efforts to deliver the best trading platform we can.

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Becoming an experienced trader quickly

Ultimately, the nextmarkets demo trading account UK and the full platform are designed to help investors learn with little to no actual investment of funds. Building up confidence and experience are important lessons that past traders would have had to learn the hard way, and it is advisable for new investors to try and transition from novice to experienced investor with as little loss of capital as possible.

This is what makes the online trading demo account such a priceless resource, and the list of brokers that offer them is actually shrinking. We are proud to offer such powerful tools to our clients – if you are just starting out, check out our Trading for Beginners page.

Benefits of an interactive trading demo

When you open an interactive trading demo account you get instant access to a simulated version of the nextmarkets platform, along with £10,000 in ‘virtual funds’. The aim is to recreate the experience of Real Money trading as accurately as possible, giving you a feel for the software and the behaviours of the different markets available to you. A demo account allows you to:

  • Explore markets – you can view the range of financial markets at your disposal, and get used to various market behaviours.
  • Practise opening/closing positions – learn how deal tickets work, including applying stops and limits, viewing margin requirements and tracking profits/losses.
  • Get used to charts – reading and analysing charts is an important skill in trading, and you can learn configurations that work best for you.
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Free online trading demo means no commitment

Every broker will require you to go through some form of signup process before allowing access to a demo trading account. The bare minimum is a verified email address and password, and that is all we ask of you at nextmarkets. We aim for a hassle-free signup process and don’t ask for any kind of upfront investment for you to begin using our feature-rich demo platform.

Furthermore, once your demo account is open you are free to continue using it to practice for as long as you want. Your development and education as an investor is our priority, and the demo account is a fundamental component of your training.

Best trading account for beginners and experts

The service we provide at nextmarkets is aimed at accommodating both beginners and experienced traders. Beginners will feel that they are in good hands with the knowledge and extensive experience of our team. Advanced users will also find value, as they can compare their own strategies and techniques with professional traders who offer world-class analysis.

A nextmarkets account is the best trading account to optimise your personal trading and save on time spent analysing the complex markets all by yourself. Many platforms also offer the opportunity to through an online broker PayPal portal for easy, secure online transactions.

Did you know

nextmarkets are committed to safeguarding your long-term success as an investor. We have various safety measures in place, including:

  • Backing from renowned global investors Founders Fund, Peter Thiel, FinLab and Falk Strascheg.
  • You can start trading with as little as £500.
  • Deposits up to £100,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

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The free trial trading demo account in perspective

Every trading demo account you will find is designed to mirror reality as closely as possible as you simulate the world of trading. But demo accounts typically lack some of the features, functionality and psychology of Real Money trading. Here are some key differences of a demo account as opposed to a Real Money one:

  • Market movements – demo account trades may not be subject to things like slippage, dividend adjustments and interest, as well as price movements that occur out of hours.
  • Deal rejection – in real life it isn’t always possible to execute a trade when and how you choose.
  • Your mentality – when there isn’t real money on the line, the risk-free demo environment can cause a false sense of security, so be prepared when you make the transition.
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Trading demo registration vs full registration

At nextmarkets, we allow you to register a trading demo account in minutes. We don’t require lots of information for you to set up a demo account; simply give us your email address and choose a password, then confirm your email address to get full access to the features of our trading demo. Registering for a Real Money account requires a few more steps to ensure we have all the information we need. But you also get full access to everything the nextmarkets platform has to offer, including up-to-date news and analysis about the investment world from our expert professional traders. We offer instant deposits for Visa and Mastercard bank transfers and credit cards, so you can get trading straight away. With over 7,000 shares and 1,000 ETFs, we provide a wide market for you to trade on.

Best online trading demo account

There are limitations associated with the use of an online trading demo account that separate it from trading with a real account. But at nextmarkets, we go above and beyond to deliver the best online trading demo account to prepare you to trade on our platform. We offer a free CFD simulation for both web apps and mobile device apps for a holistic experience of our platform.

You get a starting balance of £10,000 and the opportunity to follow 14 market analysts trading in shares, currencies, indices and commodities. There are up to 100 trading ideas made available every month, and you can even follow market analyses with your demo account. This ensures you get the most realistic experience possible.

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Minimising risk with a trading demo account UK

It’s important to understand that trading in Contracts for Difference (CFDs) involves a significant risk to your money. This kind of risk is not appropriate for all investors, and with leverage, statistics show that between 74-89% of retail investor accounts incur losses when trading CFDs.

For this reason, we offer the trading demo account UK investors would be wise to engage with before committing to trading CFDs in the real world. We provide an accurate representation of CFD trading to help prepare you, in a safe environment, for the risks involved. Risk management is an important part of investing and trading, and minimising risk is one of the many benefits of the nextmarkets online trading demo account.

Risk management in the larger picture

When it comes to investment and trading, risk is always a part of the equation. We aim to maximise your chances of success through the nextmarkets platform, so we offer a range of tools to minimise risk to you. For a start, all financial transactions through nextmarkets are protected by stringent security measures on all our online broker payment options for your peace of mind. We also offer a wealth of expert advice, guidance and real-time analysis to assist your trade planning. And with user-friendly stop-loss and take-profit points, you can ensure that you minimise losses and set your own profit margins to minimise the risk of gambling too much with your funds.

Choosing the right online trading account

We understand that committing to a specific trading platform is a big decision. That’s why nextmarkets focuses on providing as much information as possible to potential clients, particularly through our online trading demo account. Signup is easy, and you’ll find that simulating the trading world through our demo account is intuitive and packed with experience of the invaluable features.

Our support team is also one step ahead and sets our full platform apart from our competitors, which is adds value to our users. Register today and see for yourself – we’re confident you’ll feel like you’re in safe hands with the experts at nextmarkets.

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