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Last updated: 28.02.2023
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Want to buy Facebook stock? You’re in the right place as we can show you how safe and easy it is to invest in this social media giant. Take a look below to buy Facebook stock now!

Facebook is one of the so-called ‘big tech’ brands that has made massive gains on the stock market. But how do you actually buy Facebook stock? Keep reading to see why buying CFDs on Facebook offers a flexible and simple way to manage your assets. It’s never been easier to buy and sell stocks online.

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  • Why so many people want to buy Facebook stock
  • How to buy Facebook stock
  • Consider your investment needs
  • Buying Facebook stock now
  • Short-term volatility
  • Facebook stock prediction
  • Other investment options
  • Conclusion

Why so many people want to buy Facebook stock

With over 2.7 billion users, it’s clear that Facebook is doing something right. The social media giant was launched in February 2004, and since then it has transformed the way in which we can stay connected, informed and entertained.

Facebook’s social media platform is currently available in over 100 different languages and with nearly half of the world’s population having a Facebook account, it’s fair to say that it is one of the true tech giants.

However, there’s much more to Facebook than just its social media platform. After all, the brand’s parent company Facebook Inc owns the likes of Instagram and WhatsApp. Plus with acquisitions in everything from Oculus Rift to Giphy, it looks like Facebook has big ambitions.

Facebook price history started off nearly ten years ago. Facebook had its momentous IPO in February 2012. This massive event was the third largest IPO in US history behind the likes of industry heavyweights such as Visa and General Motors. From here, the stock value of Facebook has increased nearly eight-fold as it maintained its position as being the world’s most popular social media platform.

Obviously Facebook has been subject to its fair share of negative press and controversy. From the accusations that the platform facilitates hate speech to the widespread fears about the psychological damage caused by social media, it seems that Facebook always elicits some fairly extreme emotions.

But overall, the brand has managed to monetise its social media platform effectively and Facebook Inc posted operating revenues of above $85 billion in 2020. All of which has meant that there are plenty of people hoping to benefit from the spiralling value of Facebook stocks.

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How to buy Facebook stock

Here’s what you need to do to invest in Facebook.

Sign up to an online broker: There are lots of brokers out there who will allow you to buy stocks in all major companies from Facebook to Amazon.

Fund your account: Once you have verified your trading account, you’ll be ready to make a deposit. Most decent brokers will allow you to make instant deposits with reputable credit card and debit card brands like Visa and MasterCard.

Pick your stocks: Here’s where you’ll get to browse all of the different stocks and commodities that you can buy or sell. Remember that Facebook might be abbreviated to FB on many online broker websites.

Research your investment: Before you buy your stocks, you’ll be best-served by doing a little extra research to know that now is the right time to make your trades. You’ll usually be given a fair amount of statistical information that tells you about the recent market fluctuations of each asset.

Make your trades: Finally you just have to make your selection of how many stocks you want to buy. Once you’ve submitted your request, you’ll find that the transaction is carried out in a matter of seconds.

Consider your investment needs

It’s worth thinking carefully about what you want to get from your online trading before you buy Facebook stocks. After all, if you are looking for a short-term gain, you’ll need plenty of expertise to understand how the market operates. Even something like a scalping trading strategy will only give you fairly small profits when you make your Facebook stock prediction.

As a result, investing in a brand like Facebook might work better as a long-term investment strategy. While you might not get that speedy return on your investment, you should be able to ride the occasional stock market turbulence without fearing for the overall value of your Facebook stocks.

We should note that many broker sites offer you a CFD trading service for assets like Facebook stocks and you can even buy Amazon stock as a form of a CFD. This is great news as it means that you won’t have to go through the whole process of actually having to own the asset outright.

Instead, you’ll be benefiting from making profits on the rising stock value. Just be careful to remember that investing in CFDs leaves you susceptible to making losses too. All of which makes it easy to get involved in Facebook shares trading.

Buying Facebook stock now

Don’t make the mistake of buying stocks in companies like Facebook before you check the market. Here are a few things to look out for:

Price to earnings ratio: This is a simple ratio that describes how the company’s share price is related to the company’s earnings per share. As such, it gives you an easy way of seeing whether a company like Facebook is overvalued or undervalued. At the time of writing this guide, Facebook’s PE ratio was around 28. This means that if you bought 100% of Facebook’s shares, it would take 28 years for you to get your investment back through the brand’s profits.

Quarterly earnings reports: It’s also a good idea to take a quick look at Facebook’s last quarterly earnings report. This will quickly reveal whether the brand is surpassing expectations or whether it still has some work to do. You’ll also get valuable statistics such as rises or falls in the number of Facebook daily users.

Short-term volatility

In the past year, we have seen the stock price of Facebook soaring as high as $293 while sinking down as low as $245. However, there are growing signs that Facebook could be getting back on track.

Much of this has been put down to the fact that the social media giant is putting a greater emphasis on the ecommerce aspects of its business. Monetising something like a social media platform has long been seen as a difficult challenge, but it seems that both Facebook and Instagram are starting to see the benefits of advanced ecommerce features.

However, there remain a few questions that remain unanswered. In particular, it’s the privacy issue that remains particularly thorny. With changes to how Facebook is allowed to use its customers’ data, there remains a fear that there will be increased opt-out rates over the coming months. This means that Facebook would ultimately become a less attractive option for advertisers and therefore advert pricing would be slashed.

While this is a valid concern, it is not a particularly new problem for Facebook. If there’s one thing that investors have learned from the past decade, it’s that Facebook’s business models should be able to quickly shake off any short-term issues.

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Facebook stock prediction

It’s evident that investing in Facebook is about so much more than making a short-term gain off the social media giant’s volatility. After all, in 2012 a Facebook stock cost around $38. If you compare that with the $268 that a FB stock was worth at the time of writing this guide, it reveals the fact that there would have been some shrewd investors around at the Facebook IPO.

Much of this is down to the fact that Facebook is constantly working to re-energise its products. The recent success of ventures like Facebook Shops has shown that the social media giant is really getting to grips with ecommerce. Such an initiative will be hugely popular with investors as it represents a cost-effective way to manage purchases in-house. When you couple this with the fact that 30% of Americans are shopping via Instagram each month, it shows that Facebook Inc is making its presence felt in the retail sector.

Facebook’s future ultimately depends on how it can deal with changes in privacy regulation along with how governments aim to control the growing power of social media giants. Recent spats with the Australian government have shown that Facebook has plenty to learn. But anyone looking at the Facebook share price will know that this brand remains a great investment option.

We would always recommend that you invest cautiously in big tech brands like Facebook. While these companies have shown some incredible gains in the past decade, it’s also true that they have suffered a fair amount of shocks.

All of which means that you should invest modestly so that you don’t get caught out when the ‘big tech bubble’ bursts. So be sure to do your research, only invest with what you don’t mind losing, and know when to walk away from that bad investment.

Other investment options

Facebook is just one of many so-called ‘big tech’ companies who have made a massive impression on the stock market in recent years. Many people who have never invested in the stock market before are now wanting to know how to buy Apple stock and invest in other famous tech companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Netflix. All of these companies have shown some incredible growth figures over their relatively short lifespans. Plus the big tech companies have shown themselves to be fairly volatile on the stock exchange. This means that they can sometimes represent a good short-term investment for anybody who has done plenty of research.

However, the volatility of tech companies pales in comparison to that of cryptocurrencies. It’s hard to believe that the likes of Bitcoin have been with us for little more than a decade, but this original crypto has seen its value skyrocket. As a result, there will be plenty of people who have made a massive profit out of investing early in Bitcoin. However, it’s important to remember that Bitcoin has also experienced some truly spectacular losses. So whether you invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other crypto, be sure to keep the speculative nature of these assets in mind.

Of course not every investment has to be as risky as buying stocks in tech companies or cryptocurrencies. Commodities like gold have long been seen as a stable benchmark of value due to the relatively consistent price. Even trading forex can be seen as a safe investment with popular currency pairings like US dollars, British pounds, Japanese yen and the euro being available at all good broker sites. All of which should give you plenty of options for building a nicely balanced investment portfolio.


We’ve shown you that buying Facebook stocks can be quick and simple. Our CFD model means that you won’t have to bother with actually owning the stock, but can simply benefit from the rise in its market value.

This is great news as Facebook has become one of the key players on the stock market and there’s every reason to believe that this will continue to be the case for many more years.

Obviously there is risk involved in investing in volatile tech companies like Facebook. But as long as you invest cautiously and do your research, you should find it easy to watch your investment grow. You’ll be able to do so using the nextmarkets trading platform.

Buy Facebook stock FAQ

❓Should I buy Facebook stock?

There are many different factors that should go into your decision of whether you should invest in this social media giant. From examining the price to earnings ratio to checking out Facebook’s financial reports, there’s plenty to consider. Read our guide that will reveal what kinds of stock market analysis to undertake so as to know whether you should buy Facebook stock or not.

✨What is the Facebook stock forecast?

A good stock forecast will always tell you what’s most likely to happen regarding the overall value of a particular business. This means that you’ll be using someone else’s prediction to guide your decision as to whether you should invest in Facebook or buy Google stock instead. Read our guide that gives you a trustworthy forecast to tell you the perfect time to buy Facebook stock.

👀How do I buy Facebook stock?

Buying stock is a fairly simple process and if you know how to buy Netflix stock, you’ll be able to do the same for Facebook. So read our guide that will highlight what you should be looking for in an online broker along with facts about what kinds of personal details you may have to provide to create your trading account. A great way to buy Facebook stock and share in the success of this social media brand. 

⚡Should I buy Tesla stock or Facebook stock?

It ultimately depends on the current market conditions and what kind of return you’d expect to get from your investments. After all, these are both very different companies who operate in markedly different industries. So be sure to read our guide that will outline the key reasons why a decision to buy Facebook stock could be better or worse than making  a commitment to buy Tesla stock.

☝How do I buy Facebook stock without a broker?

Many people will want to do things like buy Facebook stock without having to go through a broker, because they believe that it will help them bypass having to pay fees. However it’s important to note that some brokers give you a great way to enjoy some free stock trading. Make sure that you check out our guide that reveals how you can invest in Facebook completely free of charge.

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