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Last updated: 28.02.2023
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We will be taking a look at buying Tesla stock – a call not to be missed. Tesla has defied predictions for decline, skyrocketing since a year ago, beating expectations. Earnings jumped 95%, a sixth straight quarter run of yielding profits.

Tesla has been predicted to be the leading stock to outperform, due to the increase in motorized electric vehicle demand in China, resulting in a staggering amount of up to 40% of Tesla’s business. Another reason is that customers outside the United States will be able to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin later this year.

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Tesla stock price history

There are many reasons why we, at nextmarkets, consider Tesla an obvious choice. Our analysts believe winners back winners. We have done our homework and concluded through in – depth analysis that it is time to buy Tesla stock now. Tesla stock is a money – spinning essential stock for your portfolio and we predict that it is going even higher places, offering more financial gain, smashing our trading goals.

Since the stock has been included in the S & P 500 index with a weighting of 1.69%, many institutional investors have given it the stamp of approval. Institutional investors do thorough research before making investment decisions on behalf of their clientele. Increasing their stock holding by buying Tesla stock now is therefore considered a good sign as they are prohibited from buying risky stocks.

Buying Tesla stock

Have you always thought that trading stocks is only for the rich, the knowledgeable and considered trading to be intimidating? Are you meeting your friends for a chill on a Friday night, discussing opportunities, debating financial freedom and the stock on everyone’s lips – everyone seems to be buying Tesla stocks now! Have you wondered whether you should jump on the bandwagon, before it’s too late and the price of this killer stock goes higher and higher and it’s too late to buy it as it becomes unaffordable?

Have you always dreamed of being part of the trading world, wanting to buy winners but haven’t had the know-how to do so.If you are what is known a ‘Newbie’ to the world of trading, you may have felt trading to be quite unnerving — but it doesn’t have to be so. The key to successful trading is to be in the right place, to place trades at the right time, nominated by the right analysts. To get involved within the industry, check out our free stock trading page.

We have been rated by our clients to be a reputable company, a great community of sound traders, guiding you with winning stock picks, making your trading experience profitable and secure. So this is why we are advising the right time to buy Tesla stock is now as we are bullish, optimistic and hopeful. In fact, we believe this stock is only just getting started, and revving to go! Electric vehicle demand is on the increase. Globally 3% of auto sales are Electric Vehicles. It is predicted that there is potential for sales to grow to 10% by 2025. With the Tesla share price more than doubling in a short period of time, a further breakout and a rally could be imminent this year.

How to buy Tesla stock

We are ready to assist you in buying Tesla shares right now. The easiest way to get started is to open your nextmarkets brokerage account via our website or your smartphone. This process is similar to the procedure followed in opening a bank account. It should take a few minutes to complete the required forms with details like your name, national identity number, bank details and so on. An online account is not only the fastest way to invest in this winning stock but to also ensure that we inform you of other buying opportunities in the future. Buying stock through an online broker is the cheapest way to get onboard. It is required that you are at least 18 years old.

If there are more buyers of Tesla stock (demand) than there are sellers (supply), then the price of Tesla stock moves up. The greater the demand the higher the price rises. The incredible rise in price of Tesla supports this and is the reason why you should buy Tesla stock now. Conversely, if there are more sellers of  a certain stock than there are buyers, the supply would be greater than demand, and the price would fall. So, using the theory of supply and demand makes trading easier. To take a look at some other popular stock options, find out how to buy Apple stock, buy Facebook stock or buy Amazon stock.

Commission-free trading

nextmarkets, as with all online brokers, receives rebates for the transactions that are executed. Our superior proprietary technology and corporate structure allows us to do away with order commissions that are paid by investors. We are elated to be able to pass on this cost advantage to you by offering commission-free trading, thereby ensuring that your return surpasses expectations.

Once your trading account has been verified, you may make your deposit. Your account is fundable via bank transfer or a debit card.

Find your stocks: We have ensured that Tesla stocks will be easy to find when browsing the available stocks. You will note that shares have stock codes which identify each stock. If you have made the decision to buy Tesla stock now, look for the TSLA stock code. We have considered and  thoroughly prepared, weighed market sentiment, analysed the price-to-earnings ratio, (which is its current share price relative to its per-share earnings), analysed technically to ensure that you are provided with accurate information. You can count on us to show you how easy it is to make secure investments in Tesla. Buy your Tesla stock by simply examining the market fluctuations to enter your trade.

What are CFDs?

There are many people who are keen to invest in stocks. It can, however, be quite costly to do so. A genius way for investors to participate in the market is to buy or sell stocks through Contracts for Difference known as CFD. This instrument can be used for not only buying shares but commodities, stock indices, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies as well. A CFD investor receives profits based on the price change between buying and selling, paying a minimal “margin”. Making use of CFDs means that you do not own the share outright but reap the benefits of receiving profits and dividends.

It is important to be aware that CFD trading can involve risk to your capital. Yes, you may earn profits from winning trades however, should the share’s performance turn against you, you may incur losses which could be a loss of all monies which have been invested with nextmarkets.

We feel it is important to mention that you trade with money you can afford to lose – meaning money that you need to meet responsibilities should not be invested. We recommend that you understand the CFD trading process before opening your first trade.

We are a licensed, fully regulated forex and stock broker through our license Malta Financial Services Authority. This means that you are protected by industry-leading security protocols. To find out more about other stock options, head to our buy Netflix stock and buy Google stock pages now.

Factors to consider

Under the leadership of the insightful genius, Elon Musk, Tesla has accomplished profitable returns quarter on quarter. This phenomenal achievement in extremely trying times, had Tesla reaching the finish line even stronger than ever. This is just one of the reasons why we are backing this winner. The share became the darling of the market, sky-rocketing from $100 per share at the beginning of 2020, to a touch away from $700 per share by the end of the year. If Tesla performed so well in a pandemic-racked year, will it not continue to outperform in less trying times?

So will Tesla stocks run out of steam? Global sentiment towards this stock option is very positive. Analysts keep changing their Tesla stock prediction to even higher highs. The business magnate, Elon Musk has committed to Tesla achieving autonomous driving within the next four years which would bag this giant a further $160 billion in annual profits within this period.

Many are saying that Tesla’s competitors will play catch-up, however they have to climb Mt. Everest to reach their mighty market capitalization.

Investing or trading

Traders see Tesla stock’s volatility and swings in price as an opportunity, spotting numerous good short term trades to rack up numerous smaller profits. They follow short term moving average charts which show the average price over a specific period of time. Buy trades are entered when a moving average is sloping up and sold when the moving average is sloping down. Relative strength indicators show the strength or weakness of the stock compared to other shares on the market. Topping patterns at 30 for entering a trade and at a turn at 70 on the relative strength indicator are followed. Investors analyse these averages over a longer period using longer term moving averages such as over a period of 200 days or more. They consider all the fundamental facts and P/E ratios as well.

Why are we buying Tesla stock now? We are looking to ‘trade the dips’ which means looking for the price to pull back and interest and buying is starting to increase in the short term,to buy the stock. We are looking to “lock in” numerous shorter percentage profits, but also confirm investing for a longer term. We see investment buying in Tesla stock as a keeper, going places well into the future.

What are the risks in buying Tesla stock?

Most companies have little secrets hidden and Tesla has a skeleton in the closet too. Tesla’s net income is not only generated from Electric vehicle sales. A large amount of income is from regulatory credits received from other automakers. It is a requirement that automakers in 11 states sell a nominated portion of zero-emission vehicles by 2025. A large number of automakers have been unable to do so, resulting in them buying regulatory credits from another automaker that is able to meet the requirements. Tesla exclusively sells electric vehicles, easily exceeds the regulatory standards and has come to the rescue of the automakers receiving a hefty amount of $1. 6 billion in the last year and a total of $3.3 billion in the last 5 years. This has certainly boosted Tesla’s balance sheet. In the long term, regulatory credits sales may not continue to add to Tesla’s bottom line.

Another point to consider is that although Tesla is lightyears ahead, and the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, its competitors like Volkswagen General Motors are playing catch up fast. General Motors has announced that it plans to move to emission-free vehicles as soon as 2035. Take a look at our stock market analysis to find all of the latest information. Thus, it’s important to consider the Tesla stock prediction prior to investing in stocks.

Other investment opportunities

Have you considered spreading the risk in your portfolio, by buying a basket of different stocks, commodities, currencies, forex and cryptocurrencies? There are other investment opportunities other than Tesla. Consider ‘Big Tech’ companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix, which have shown excellent market capitalization over the past 10 years.

An alternative to trading stocks is cryptocurrency. Although this market is relatively new, it is relatively volatile due to speculation from investors, leading to short-term interest. This makes the cryptoworld exciting, giving the trader many opportunities to trade cryptocurrency. We advise that you define your appetite for risk. A risk management strategy is essential when trading all stocks and especially cryptocurrencies. Other than the well-known Bitcoin, there are a number of cryptocurrencies to consider such as Ethereum and Litecoin.

Another addition to your trading basket is the Foreign Exchange market, where foreign currencies are exchanged against one another. This is the largest and most liquid of all markets. Currencies are traded against each other as pairs. (For example, EUR/USD).

Tesla stock price prediction

Tesla vehicle deliveries found a new home rising 61% year-over-year and came close to their goal of 500, 000 vehicles. Considering disruptions to their production lines due to the pandemic, imagine what can be achieved going forward.

Tesla’s cash flow has remained positive for the last two years, totaling a record $1.9 billion during the 4th quarter. The demand for more electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles is increasing and bullish investors are giving Tesla stocks the green light. Elon Musk has broached their next big idea, robo-taxis and self-driving vehicles.

The key man and driving force behind where Tesla is today, continues to toot to victory with his innovative ideas and is the driving force behind the brand.

Buy Tesla stock FAQ

💯 How much should Tesla make up of my portfolio?

It is important to determine just how much of your investment portfolio should consist of Tesla stocks. The interest in Tesla has never been higher and we will run through all the information relative to the stock option right here. Head to our page now to find out more.

✔️ Is it a good idea to invest in Tesla stock?

The higher the volatility, the riskier the share.It is advisable that you trade with money you can afford to lose and that measures are in place to stock a trade and take fewer losses should a trade turn against you. To find out more about the quality of this stock option, head to our page now to find out more.

⬇️ Should I buy Tesla stocks now?

Before you decide to buy any stock, it is always recommended that you do thorough research to determine the quality of the shares. Our pages detail some of the most popular stocks that are available to trade and you will find all of the comprehensive information right here.

🤔 What should I consider before I decide to invest?

Each stock will have their own quirks that need to be considered before you decide to invest your money. We have put together a comprehensive information resource in order to guide our customers and readers when deciding what stocks to buy. Head to our page now to find out more.

🤷 Which other stocks do you recommend to buy now?

There are plenty of options on the stock market and this can be quite overwhelming, especially for newcomers to the industry. To make the entire process a little easier, our team of experts have put together a comprehensive information service to guide you along your career. Be sure to head to our page now to find out more.

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